Dark knights Open 3s tournament 24th 3pm EST

Just as the thread topic says its a 3s tourney on kaillera.

Who? The dark knights are hosting a Open tournament for 3s and any one can enter
When? June 29th, 3:00 pm EST
Where? Daroms,
Why? Because the game just came out on kaillera and we need to beast on it asap

Sign up here or on the dk forums



Dark renagade
Anel Bead
Mike C

You bugging its hard enough to get me into a game, now there is a tourney, well im up 2 the challenge on playing on a fucked up mame

Lol, I know it loosk fugly but it is playable.

Despite the awefully decrypted pallettes

It is playable at full speed depending on the display mode you use. Some cards will need GDI setting and others can rely on D3D or DD

o_O runs fine for speed on mine and i only got 1 gig ram and a 2.6 prosessor and onboard eveyr thing else.

But err you joining the tourney?

Game runs very fast for me and my specs are similar to yours except my processor is not dual core, and I got twice as much ram (and like, 600GB of hardrive space, but that doesn’t matter).

Emil are you going to join. HELLO PEOPLE ITS A TOURNEY THREAD, not a help thread =s

Lets stay on topic, whos joining?

If they make a new emulator before the 24th then sure… i cant deal with geni-jin’s “zoom out” feature when activated.

I would, but the game seems to DS like there’s no tomorrow…

i want to wait for the nebula one… mame has imput lag with some converters… was playing on nebula’s alpha emu and controllers worked 100% perfect with my radioshack converter.

what version for mame do i need for this?

=/ prolly not mang, but i feel ya pain

Comoooon =p

mame 32 Plus! Plus! 0.116u

should i be addin youg your name up on the list?

I’ll wait for the Nebula one, then I’ll decide. But I play like crap, mind you. :china:

Lol i think I should have held off for some better verion to come along

Ok, I was looking around the SPEKSNK forum, and I noticed a majority of ppl over there wants ELSemi’s emulator to be an independent emu. However, this independent emu will not include kaillera. :frowning:

You think? It just got emulated partially and with the errors it had… you just couldn’t wait… :chat::yawn::cybot:

it seems like a way to beat the d/s is to use the normal kaillera client, not supra’s or HK mame’s and to restart mame after each match. well that’s what is working for me…

if it was say 7 or 8 pm or later i would deff joy but at 3pm i still got 3 or so more hours of work lol

Ill enter if there is a cash prize,new car,or a ak-47 as the jackpot.If not,Fuck it.

pospone the tourny 1 week so Haze can re-do his code… he already fixed the pallet problems and zoom for supers.