Dark Phoenix Strategy: You Can't Control It

I’d like to dedicate this thread to any and all strategies that people use to get the most out of their Dark Phoenix.

So I’ve been using this team

  1. Chris (whatever)
  2. Morrigan (kiss, build meter)
  3. Phoenix (I like trap)

I zone with Chris and use Morrigans assist to build meter quickly. Chris has a lot of health, and he can do a lot of damage without his hypers. Once I get 5 meters, I swap in phoenix and zone with her and try to last as long as I can. The moment that she dies and transforms into dark phoenix, I swap her out and play with Chris and Morrigan. This allows me to build more meter if I want and still do some damage. If they end up dying, then I have a Dark Phoenix, with meter, and a level 3 x-factor as needed. Let me know what you think

Where in IN you at?

I’d keep DPh for absolute last if possible… saving your xfc… Gives a lot more life potential plus allows you to get the most of Dark pheonix mode. Also all that switching sounds scary unless you are DHCing… but then you aren’t saving up meters so…

Last thing you want is to go dark pheonix… switch… and get her snapped right back in.

In West Lafayette going to Purdue. Theres a fighting game club here you should check out, W. Lafayette, IN Gatherings Every Tues… RANBATS Every other Tues. First Ranbat 1/25. I swap her in, she dies eventually, and when she becomes dark phoenix you can swap her out safely… save her until everyone dies, then you have level 3 x factor and some meter.

just raw switch member is a huge risk in this game. In D.Phoenix, i would fight and not switching she is at 30% or less HP. Or try to switch in during air combo.

I think I will try to win without going Dark phoenix mode.

I’ve been using Chun/Morrigan/Phoenix and saving Phoenix for last. Wouldn’t be bad idea to replace Chun with Wesker too now that I learned how to play him a bit.

whats the most efficient way to build meter if not using morrigan? i hear team aerial combos give a chunk of meter

Hit people? And air tag using down + S. It gives you 1 full meter every time you connect it.

im using mag/sent/phoe,

Mag can run away or rush down, he’s got pretty godlike combos and he’s builds meter as long as your doing something with him, sent’s aerial assist is nice and makes up for phoe’s low health. Phoe’s trap is a good assist, i don’t know why a lot of people are saying she doesn’t have one

Some tips that work for me:

-Don’t rely on DP saving the day. Play like you normally would, but “rarely” use Hypers.
-Aerial combo switches increase your meter by 1 so use that.
-Never use your X-factor if you plan on using DP. X-factor DP is absolutely monstrous.

1.On the ground, if you hit them with a “flamechip” follow that up with her down Medium attack.
2.Her medium attacks on the ground have amazing “Flamechip” Spread.

Dark phoenix

Well my team consist of deadpool, sentinel , darkphoenix, i use dead pool as a battery and keep away (a la cable), he has pin points with sentinel, target combo in the ground , call sentinel , teleport behind , launch into air etc, pretty strider like.Then call sentinel for some rape and keep buildig meter,now this is the tricky part, at the moment I have 5 meters i call phoenix, and play it like a magneto/storm kind of character, if she gets hit, and is in dp mode, i keep away a lot, and change, you can change with dp, he has insane keep away.But i havent found any good pin points and traps with her.

I posted this is the sticky thread but firgured it could easily go here also.

I was experimenting with that team earlier. I would do a tron drill loop (m xx h drill) and on the second m(m+a1) i would morry assist for extra meter. I think if your quick enough you could also do it with the gustaff loop (m XX f.M (jc) j.m j.m j.h) on the second rep(m+a1). I’m also 99% the loop meter build would work with the Ammy bloom assist.

The second team I was looking at was Tron/Trish/Phoe. If I need to be offensive with point and try to deal damage I could use the loops and Trish traps to build meter and keep the pressure on. Also if you get Phoe with a Trish trap assist you can create interesting resets example would be instead of tiger kneeing a j.m after a j.s, do a Trish high trap on the way down and a Phoe ground trap. The Trish high trap is also nice for Tron cause if you do it on the start of the second rep of her loops and don’t finish them(i.e. m xx h. drill m+p1) it make them land where you could either start another attack, cmd grab, regular grab or lvl3 grab(not recommended for meter building).

Here’s the Tron’s Loops with meter build annotated better(a1 is your battery, jc is jump cancel)
:m: xx :h:Drill, :m:+:a1: xx :h:Drill xx :s: ~meter(less) ender~
:m: xx :f::m: xx jc xx j:m:, j:m:, j:h:, :m:+:a1: xx :f::m: xx jc xx j:m:, j:m:, j:h:, :h:, :s: ~meter(less) ender~

I just worry that people are going to spam down + S to counter the exchange. But that’s what mix-up is for. I’d try to keep an eye out for the teammates with the best meterless damage + battery potential anyway.

im sorry is this is already known/posted but, i was up against a guy and pheonix was his last char i had to lower her life b4 time ran out so i did a simple combo that left her with 25%, then after wakeup she turned to dark pheonix, im pretty sure i didnt kill her, is there any way she can hurt her self or activate d. pheonix? or am i going crazy?

you are going crazy

Are you sure you didn’t do anything that killed her? Since thats what it sounds like you just accidentally killed her

i guess i did kill her by accident, and then all 3 chars got raped by dark phoenix lvl. 3 xfactor

I wish there was a replay mode so that i could see exactly what happened

A team I’ve been fooling around with is Wesker/Phoenix/Sentinel

Wesker should stay at point, hes pretty quick and does good damage. Also if you get into an air combo, you can down + S to get a full bar, bring in phoenix and imeditily down + S to get another bar then bring in Sentinel to finish off the air combo. The reason I immeditly go into the immedit down + S is cause most people dont expect u to do it so soon so the chances of them countering the team air combo is unlikely, or if u see that your oppents having a hard time counter those u can try to throw a couple hits in.

Also always keep Phoenix and 2nd postion. If wesker gets low on health and u havent hit the level 5 mark yet bring in Sentinel. Hes strong enough to hold his own and can prolly get u to that level 5 mark pretty quickly.

By then if u havent destroyed your opponent by now, and wesker and sent. are dead. Phoenix comes in and destroys. You should have your opponet down quite a bit by now and phoenix should be completely full on life. and if she does go down dark phoenix should be able to finish the job.

also a pretty good strat. to use is if u get level 5 and u still got full team. Bring in Phoenix and do as much damage as u can as normal phoenix. then once she goes dark Phoenix switch her out. her health doesnt go down and her assist do dark phoneix damage which is too good in this game.

I’ve been using iron man/morrigan/phoenix. I didnt play mvc2 so im new is this a good team?



tell me if this can be escaped timed correctly - I don’t believe it can. Although what self respecting Phoenix is going to get hit by a fullscreen fireball like that?!