Dark Prince Vs Isaac Graham Final Round XI


Found it on youtube, surprised it had so little views.

A couple of hype moments, DP’s cable and defense was pretty solid and Isaac seemed to be playing ok too. Highlight was the msp mirrors. I didn’t know he knew how to play msp.



A quick note on that match: Isaac was COLD. No warm up at all while DP had been playing all morning.


or the fact that DP plays marvel 23/7 while isaac plays dota 25/7


It’s all about that Magneto micro right?


Someone here HAS TO know where I can get that mix that was used for this MM. If you know where I can get it hit me up with a PM please.


I think that’s the JQ mix. I’ll check tonight.

Edit: Actually, I think they were playing on Fugee’s mix for the MM.


Me too…


Did he really mean to setup that reflect xx -> hailstorm ?? That part was just sick !!!