Dark Prince Vs Shady K Videos

First 3 matches will just be gameplay only. Why? Because I never lose footage, thats why.

You guys will probably notice a shift in energy from the clockw0rk matches to these matches here.

Match One

Match Two

Match Three

Match Four

Match Five

Match Six

Match Seven

Match Eight

Match Nine&Ten

Match Eleven

Match Twelve

Match Thirteen

Match Fourteen

Final Game


lol Funny match.

Can’t wait, but this is so quiet… even my money matches for a fraction of what they’re playing for are louder.

Was the crowd sworn to silence or something?

close match

sorry, the last 9 matches will be withheld due to the request of Shady K.

Lmao, that would be truly disgusting.

You’d be quiet too if you were in someone else’s house.

NIGGA YO MAGNETO’S A BIT… (DP gets stabbed in the back)

whats the overall score? And who’s next on DPC’s MM radar?

You must not enjoy reading. It’s only been the first match. DP won the first.

how much did they play for

Well I’m pretty sure that the whole MM must be done already since we have vids posted on the web. So someone more than likely knows the overall score already.

10-5 I believe

Damn! That was a good match, and yet, no friggin crowd!? Is it that much hate for DP now?

Good match. Too bad they played it in the middle of a deserted cemetery.

Sooooo…who wins this?

nigga had to get help from reset…

DP, 10-5.

But aren’t there 14 matches left and why he wanted that? Same thing with DP, he didn’t want the footage to be realeased and it did… :wtf:

DP… Wins? :lame:

I was rooting for Shady K :sad: Now I know what being let down feels like.