Dark Sakura should be considered top tier

Sick and tired of hearin’ all these people talk about.
Whats the deal with sakura and when’s she gonna come out
The thing you gotta realize,
What we doin’ is not a trend.
We got the gift of teleport,
We gonna bring it till the end.
C’mon now.

It doesn’t matter,

That she has low vitality
or that her assist sucks big dick

All that matters,

Is that you recognize
That its just about respect.

It doesn’t matter,

'Bout the panty shots
And where her hurricane kick goes and why

All that matters,

Is that you beat sentinel’s ass
And we’ll rock cable everytime
C’mon now.

Do you ever wonder why
her throw has so much priority?
It takes you on a ride
Feel it when your
Body starts to get rocked, (Body starts to get rocked)
Baby you can’t stop (Cant stop)
And the teleports all you got (C’mon now)
This must be

Sak!.. Dirty Sak… Baby, baby, you can’t stop.
I know you like this Dirty Sak
(This must be)

Maximum homosexuality has been achieved

I concur.

Don’t u ever, and i mean EVER, write a poem EVER again.

Tron Boone Vs. Sakura?

that’s some kind of a poem but i think this is not a poem session this is capcom not a peotry… well i think sakura aint that bad she has some good potentials but i think she cant match up with Tron Boone even do sakura can take some good advantage but if sakura mae a mistake Tron Boone will clear that out for you!

Thats umm… disturbing material man. :confused:

dirty pop by n’ sync but with sakura shit. :o

nope…just shit

good shit there…:lol:

I rule

I think the only reason sakura isn’t top tier because of dark mode is on simple reason, it uses up 3 meters just to turn her into dark sakura. Now if it only took one level then yeah nobody would argue with her being top tier.

how you turn inot dark sakura?

You just do a Reverse Dragon Punch + LK, but it costs 3 meters to transform. You can also transform back into regular Sakura the same way, but it is never recommended to do that.

aslo can you do raging demon with dark sakura if you can how you do it?

Yes, you can, but it is basically a waste unless you are showing off or having some fun. It costs 3 power bars and it is lp. lp. forward lk. hp.

You guy’s wanna see reall sakura move’s check this out!

www.vidness.rrcol.com go to sexy psylocke move then you will see sakura there kicking ass like shit!

link no work

The link is over 2 years old dude.