Dark Sakura?



Can someone tell me how to change into Dark Sakura…or is it worth the time?Thx.


back, down, backdown (inverted dragon punch motion) + light kick

it cost 3 super bars…probably not worth it for most people since you can do so much with 3 super bars

but dark sakura is REALLY REALLY good…
i use her…but i dont’ get far because i depend way too much on building meter for sakura and then end up getting her killed because i mess up a few teleports…

but i dunno…she’s good, but 3 super bar worth?


Thx for the help.

Thx…i’ll go try it now.


Moves for Dark Sakura.

Are her moves any different from regular Sakura…or are they the same…just more powerful?


her QCFP is now her fireball, and her shoryken is now a DPM. Her ground Shoryuken doesnt have the energy thing that stops projectiles while her air one does. Her QCFPP is now QCFKK, and Dark Sakura’s QCFPP is an awesome Shinkuu Hadoken that looks similar to Ryu’s and hits grounded. She can also teleport, since she has the best teleport in the game, thats very useful if you use it correctly…


she also gets slow as hell raging demon


Thx. Can you tell me how to do the teleport…didn’t even know that Dark Sakura could teleport.


DPMPP or KK to teleport forward or you can do a backwards dragon punch motion and PP or KK to teleport backwards. Looks similar to Akuma’s teleport, but hers is much better, because if you notice, the KK teleports recover her REALLY fast…