Dark Slayer Style - The Vergil General Discussion Thread



**This is the Vergil discussion thread. **
Grab your katana and shed your pathetic human shell.

Unfamiliar with the Son of Sparda?

Vergil is a recurring antagonist from the Devil May Cry series. He first appeared in DMC1 as Nelo Angelo, and made his first playable appearance in DMC3: Special Edition. He is Dante’s elder twin brother. Where Dante has a penchant for mischief and is a loud-mouth, Vergil is cold, sharp and sardonic. Both Dante and Vergil are half-devils. Dante follows his human side, protecting humans from demons. Vergil follows his devil side, ruthlessly attempting to gain more power so he can protect the things he holds dear.

In battle, he uses three Devil Arms: the Yamato, Force Edge, and Beowulf. Yamato is Vergil’s trademark weapon, a dark-forged katana given to him as a keepsake by his father. Force Edge is a broadsword, the dormant version of Trish’s sword. Beowulf is a set of holy gauntlets and greaves, and the only weapon he has in common with Dante. Augmenting his mastery over his Devil Arms, Vergil also utilizes the unique Dark Slayer Style. Dark Slayer allows Vergil to move at blindingly fast speeds, literally vanishing into thin air before reappearing with a deadly killing stroke.

*Official Vergil UMvC3 Reveal Trailer *
Vergil Gameplay Trailer 1
Vergil Gameplay Trailer 2 (feat. Iron Fist)
Maximillian’s Assist Me! ft. Vergil and Nova


Vergil’s play style will likely focus on using his Trick to mix up his opponent. Since there are 3 versions, two of which have the same animation and carry him either in front or behind his opponent, this will lead to tricky 50/50 mixups when used in the right situation. To maximize this potential, Vergil should probably have a beam assist or an assist with armor/invincibility frames.

Vergil also has tools of his own to lock down his opponent and begin his teleport mixups. These include the Round Trip special and his Spiral Swords.

Round Trip can potentially be dangerous if used on an incoming opponent and canceling the recovery frames into either one of his two status Hypers, or directly into a Trick.

His Spiral Swords seem especially good for a variety of defensive and offensive reasons. The swords put a free hitbox around Vergil, potentially nullifying characters with dangerous close-range pressure, like Wolverine or Felicia. When used in conjunction with his Tricks, Vergil can likely shield himself from grabs or normals that might otherwise punish his teleport attempts. Spiral Swords can also switch into two different modes at the cost of an extra stock of meter. Sword Storm seems particularly good, forcing the opponent to block while the Summoned Swords rain down on him, giving Vergil an opportunity to go on the offensive.

His mixup potential, along with good reach on his normals, means he is probably built to stay closer to his opponent than not.

To counteract his strengths, Vergil is given poor air mobility, below average health, long, punishable recovery on his normals, and projectile attacks that have relatively slow start up and small hitboxes. This means that Vergil will be disadvantaged if caught full screen from a zoning-type character, and that his own zoning game will not be sufficient to keep the opponent away for an extended period of time.


Stinger - :f::h:
Vergil pierces across the screen with the Force Edge. Like Dante’s Stinger, Vergil’s version moves him forward and hits from nearly full-screen. Unlike Dante’s, Vergil can cancel Stinger into any of his other special moves without the need to Bold Cancel. He can also cancel Stinger into Upper Slash. Landing Stinger on an airborne opponent will wall bounce them.

High Time - :df::h:
Vergil swings vertically upwards with the Force Edge. This is Vergil’s only OTG attack, and can usually be followed only with Dimension Slash. Pressing :h: after High Time will teleport Vergil back down to the ground.

Helmet Breaker - j.:d::h:
Vergil’s version of Helm Breaker starts faster than Dante’s does. Like Dante’s, it puts the opponent into a hard knockdown. Unlike Dante’s, it always grounds the opponent right in front of him, regardless of altitude. Vergil can follow Helmet Breaker with any of his three Tricks when he hits the ground, using :l:, :m:, or :h:.

Starfall - j.:s:
Vergil’s version of Killer Bee is his normal jumping exchange attack. Similar to Dante’s, it will ground bounce the opponent.

**Upper Slash **- :h: (after s.:s:)
Vergil can follow up the first hit of his standing :s: with a vertical downward slash. This slash bounces them back off the ground. Vergil can do this series at least twice, but without Spiral Swords active, the second ground bounce will put them into a soft knockdown.



Judgment Cut - :qcf::atk:**
Vergil draws Yamato so quickly he creates an orblike vacuum in front of him. :l:, :m:, and :h: versions determine where the orbs appear on the screen. The :m: version is his assist.


Rising Sun - :dp:**:l:
A pair of strong, slow up-kicks. This puts the opponent into a float state. Pressing :h: after Rising Sun teleports Vergil immediately to the ground, after which he can continue to combo the opponent.


Rapid Slash - :dp::h:**
Vergil draws the Yamato and rushes across the screen, leaving a swathe of cuts behind him. This attack goes full screen, and crosses up. Vergil can hyper cancel Rapid Slash. If he does this on hit into DT or Spiral Swords, he can continue his combo.

Lunar Phase - ****:dp::m:
A series of very fast, circular kicks with the Beowulf. The last hit puts the opponent into a ground bounce. If blocked, the last hit will not register as a true blockstring.

**Round Trip - ***hold *:atk: and release
A projectile attack where Vergil readies and throws the Force Edge at his opponent. Track’s the opponent’s position. This move is Air-OK, and on block gives Vergil enough time to try a left/right mixup.

Trick - :qcb:****:atk:
The Devil May Cry series’ signature teleports. Vergil has 3 versions of Trick. **Trick, **the :l: version teleports him in front of his opponent. Trick Down, the :m: teleports him behind his opponent, and Trick Up, **:h: **teleports him above and in front of his opponent. Vergil can only Trick while on the ground.


**Devil Trigger - ** :qcb::atk::atk:
Vergil transforms into his devil form. This effect lasts 600 frames. While in this form, Vergil gains a number of additional properties:
[]15% speed increase, and 20% damage increase.
]Slow recovery of red life.
[]One air dash or double jump, which is available to him only while in this mode.
]Dramatic hitbox increase on all of his specials. This effect also affects his moves as an assist character.
[*]Inability to gain meter without an assist.
[INDENT=1]**Dark Angel - **:qcb::atk::atk:[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]*Vergil’s Level 3, available only while in DT. * Vergil barrages the opponent with a flurry of Yamato slashes, and follows up with a wall of Summoned Swords. Dark Angel does 610,000 points of unscaled damage, and ends his Devil Trigger prematurely. This will OTG the opponent and put them into a crumple state afterwards. Vergil can continue to combo after this crumple state.[/INDENT]

Dimension Slash - ****:qcf::atk::atk:
Originally a boss-only move in DMC3. Vergil disappears out of sight and a full-screen series of Judgment Cuts rain down on his opponent. The last hit puts the opponent into a float state followed by a hard knockdown. There is an extended recovery animation after using this move.

Spiral Swords - ****:dp::atk::atk:
A circle of ethereal, blue Summoned Swords appear around Vergil. With Spiral Swords around him, Vergil cannot gain any meter. These swords automatically combo on hit, extend long hitboxes in front of and behind Vergil, and can be used to extend combos. They disappear if: he is hit, he tags out while having them active, or after 180 frames.

After activating Spiral Swords, Vergil can then go into one of two additional modes for the cost of an additional bar of meter.

[INDENT=1]Blistering Swords - :atk::s:: The Summoned Swords stop circling Vergil and appear behind his back. Vergil can fire the Summoned Swords towards the opponent, or have them auto-fire after a short period of time. :l::s: shoots a sword straight across the screen, :m::s: fires a sword diagonally upwards, and :h::s: fires a sword downwards, useful during a jump.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]**Sword Storm **- :qcf::s:: The Summoned Swords disappear from Vergil and appear above the opponent’s head in a circle. They will track the opponent’s head no matter where they go and fire off after 146 frames. Each hit will put the opponent into a stagger state.[/INDENT]

Thanks to Vulcan786 for contributing!
Thanks to Max for Vergil’s informative Assist Me! video!


i hate you


THANK SPARDA IT’S VERGIL BABY! Take my money capcom. PLEASE. He looks like he’ll be another Dante style comboer with shorter ranged + faster normals. I don’t see a timer on his sword summoning super either so how do you get rid of it? >.>


he looks like everything I wanted and more!


I will probably mess around with him quite a bit.

He looks really fun and he’s not too similar to Dante like people might have been worrying he would.


lol the sword special looks delicious

not really to impressed with this though

strider players just died on the inside though


Haven’t posted in several months, but I had to log on to comment on this.

Holy crap, Vergil looks exactly how I imagined he was going to play. Extremely faithful to how the character plays in DMC3. Looks like I’m getting a new point character.


Teleports, ourobrous, speed, range, what appears to be Dante level styling potential in the combo game? Yeah…he’s gonna have paper health bar >_>


Sword Dimension is fleshed out more in this vid: http://asia.gamespot.com/events/tgs-2011/video.html?sid=6334347&pid=637240

it appears that you have a set number of swords you can hit your opponents with-- they either get hit as they run into you, or you can opt to play defensively and send them out as projectiles. this hyper essentially turns Vergil into a walking Round Harvest.

edit: in the same video, he has an up-slash move that sends the opponent into the air and OTGs. I dunno what to call that since I never played DMC lol. I think I will after playing around with Vergil and Strange for a while though…


Virgil isn’t as fast as Jill though (which is sad), and it looks like he lacks something combo eccentric characters need: an OTG.

Virgil also has low health, as Iron Fist nearly killed him in one combo. He probably has around 800K health.

Also, Spiral Swords confirmed for the new Uroboros. Hell, Virgil/Doom confirmed for broskis.


Some more info to help out: his teleport can also put him in the air. Not sure how but it’s shown in his reveal trailer.

He can either summon swords (like Strider’s projectile) or it’s a extension of his lvl 1. When he’s killing Ryu in the gameplay vid, the swords move behind him and it looks as though he can “shoot” them at will


beat me to it about his swords

umm, he does have an OTG


he has an OTG its High Time. You heard it hear 1st folks Rapid Slashes is gonna be the new Berserker Slash :lol:


can’t wait to try out Vergil and Strange. good lord the possibilities with Eye of Agamotto lockdown…


He is exactly like I know he would be besides hos lvl. 3 of course


Such an epic moment for us DMC players. Let’s keep Vergil alive!


defo going to be a meter whore though


Is it that dash move Virgil does? If so HOLY SHIT. VIRGIL FOR BASED MAGNETO.


should I feel bad that I wanna play Vergil but never once touched a DMC game? lol.

if it turns out I don’t like how he plays (which at this point is unlikely), well, at least I have reason to complain about Strider’s Ouroboros being a lvl 3 while Vergil here gets a lvl 1 Ouroboros-Round Harvest hybrid.


I dont think so it looks like he’ll be able to do combos to build meter like Dante (a good Dante can build atleast two meters off a ground to ground hit) and the fact that he can still build meter during his Spiral Swords means he will probably be like MvC2 Strider. Meaning he’s a battery character who can also use meter well.