Dark Slayer Style - The Vergil General Discussion Thread

what are the descriptions of his other assists? (other than L judgement cut assist)

Use the 1st page, my friend.

(copied from the 1 page)
Rising Sun - (Beta)
A pair of strong, slow up-kicks. This might be useful as a relauncher/antiair. The last hit launches them high into the air. followup teleports Vergil from the air to the ground.

Rapid Slash -(Gamma)
Vergil draws the Yamato and rushes across the screen, leaving a swathe of cuts behind him. This attack goes full screen, crosses up and has frontal invulnerability

Can somebody explained why is the judgement assist gonna be good? Haven’t been keeping up with Vergil news.

lock down assist that sends out a stationary projectile orb like dark hole. He backs away as he executes the move so he will be easier to cover making it his safest assist option. Comboing off it on hit might be problematic to non teleporters because of the knock back. Rapid slash might be a better lock down option more block stun but more risk is involved since it’s a direct attack and I think he can get hit out of it before he crosses over the opponent. Oh yeah devil trigger makes it massive in size so if you have virg in the back DTed it looks like a pretty boss stationary projectile.

All his assists seem pretty good for my fave point character Dante. Judgment looks solid for combo extension off his air throw and if it works as well as dark hole might give him a double prop shredder. Rising sun looks good for the the usual volcano in to jump s or hammer and the extra corner acid rain reps off it might be pretty sweet like Zero’s AA assist. Rapid slash is kinda meh in this department maybe call assist teleport hammer following a hard knock down.

Yeah I could see Strange making pretty good use of such an assist. I got Vergil on point first so I could definitely work some shit in where I kill the first character with Vergil…turn DT on and then switch in Strange. I wonder what kind of buff rapid slash assist gets in DT?

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That’s not a bad situation. I’d prefer to keep him as Anchor to give him as many bars as I can with my first character, which would be Zero. Likewise, I could place him second, so after a Rekkoha I go to Devil Trigger, and then Tag Out, but that seems a little risky.

I’ve got no doubts that Zero will be my first character, but the problem lies in Dante and Vergil. I’m not a fan of Anchor Dante. Even so, your Devil Trigger-DHC technique sounds dope. I guess it’s all about testing Vergil once the game is out to figure his ideal position.

Vergil’s ideal position is probably 2nd/anchor but I don’t see him being a pushover up front and will most likely be able to build meter solidly with good assist. His assists act like Zero’s/Arthur’s and actually become stronger when powered up so I like the idea of powering him up first to give Strange stronger assists. The game works around building a team so you have to be ok sometimes with sacrificing one character to benefit another character for an ultimate team goal. The challenge in my team is to find a way to make 3 new characters work well on a team so I’ll definitely be doing a lot of messing around to see what works.

I don’t really like anchor Dante much either. His combos are really weird in XF3 and his mix up is stronger with assist than without. His mix up game is much stronger with assists since it’s very left/right heavy. Vergil and Strider will be better anchors I feel because they have activation supers that set up their own left/rights better than the stuff Dante has. Dante has to have an assist to cover the start up of things that set up his left/rights.

i plan on using him second. problem for me now is finding out which other two characters i will be playing. it really sucks when you got character love those that might not even be good. i want a good rush down like x-23 or chun-li on point for meter building and a bs character as anchor.

I’ma be running Strange/hawkeye as my third for sure. Bolts of Ballsack seem like they’ll work pretty well with teleports in general, as well as cover fire. My team is looking like ???/Vergil/Strange or Hawkeye. Maybe Nova or Frank will be my Point.

Ah, Damn I can see Vergil with Doctor Strange ball of light assists lockdown and mix-ups opportunity with his sword hyper. As well as extending combos with Doc.Strange assists >.< Vergil and Strange make a good team synergy along with Trish with the sneaky traps you can put on the ground/air.

yeah, in the corner Spiral Swords + Eye of Agamotto is probably the game’s first true lockdown where you can’t get out by rolling forward. you pretty much have to sit there and block the mixup or use some invincible super. dirty shit. Strange/Vergil or Vergil/Strange are gonna be very good friends in Ultimate. call Strange EoA assist + OTG High Time would most likely work as a combo extender.

Dante is an ok anchor but way better on point or in 2nd slot agreed but I don’t think virg assist-less is going be the uber anchor every one thinks he is it depends on how punishable his ports are on release and he doesn’t have bold cancel to make his moves as safe as his brothers. He needs meter for swords to have solo mix ups.

I like him in the second slot running double point on my team with Dante his out when there is meter his in the back when there isn’t. Dante can get him with a grapple tag in combo well I hope he can at least depends on the angle of his raw tag kick. Strange and virg sound solid I’m sure virg will be ok on point just not at his best.

Btw Dante on anchor gets a lot of mileage by playing it safe and chiping ppl out that and going dt and laming out with air play thunder bolts it shits on all assists and pins ppl down and with air dash nerf ppl are going to have a harder time getting in on dt Dante. Sorry don’t mean to derail the thread but point battery plus virg as meter hog double point seems like the best way.

IMHO, Dante is great on point, and Vergil looks like he’ll get the most mileage second/third. Add a beam assist or an armored assist that augments the twin’s teleport shenanigans, and you’ve got a scary team.

How do you guys feel about Vergil/Akuma synergy? Do you think Vergil with his partial invincibility on Rapid Slash on point with Akuma Tatsu assist will give him enough time to continue the combo after Tatsu is done hitting the opponent even with the hard knockdown? In my head it seems to work especially because Vergil has such long normals that he can catch the guy falling out of tatsu even from quite a distance.

My second question is do you think after Vergil’s Bnb to call Akuma assist to self otg->teleport down, he’ll have time to teleport again and continue combo from tatsu? Any help or opinion will be much appreciated!

It’s more like who Akuma does not work with.

Can’t really say on the combo stuff until the game comes out. Slight nerf to the hit stun on Akuma assist but should probably be enough to work.

yeah Akuma is pretty much good on all teams he is a bit overrated because he can get blown up really bad if your not careful. As far as combo extension goes his solid so is Ryu and he doesn’t have pixie life and he can go super saiyajin with that power up mode.

okay, i have been thinking of running vergil for a while, and my current team of PW/Ghostrider, needs some kind of lockdown/pushback assist. i reckon i will be running PW with missile assist for 3/4 screen unblockables with ghosty (in theory), and ghosty with the hellspire assist, which can absorb projectiles for PW and acts as an anti air too.

which of vergils assists would people recommend? im interested to know if his sword rush assist will push the opp back across the screen, esp if it has frontal invulnerability. his judgement cut could work out as well possibly, but may not be as good for pushing people back who manage to get into ghostys/wrights face.

This is exactly my mindset. Since I saw the vids I wanted V second or third + I main Dante and he’s great on point so it works out perfect. Dante/Vergil/Strange will be a team im trying (Probably my 3 fav. chars too = winning!). As you’ve said, Dante is great on point, and V’s ideal position is probably second or last + Strange has a beam assist that also locks down longer than most. Altho I just realized Strange’s beam assist prob. isn’t his best assist so I hope the other two will get the job done.

It seems most of you guys are going for Rising sun or Judgment cut as assists, I was actually thinking of Rapid slash lol. Altho I like the move more on point lol, so idk if itll work out as planned as assist, it seems risky yea (I hope the invincibility thing is still true, at least in DT). I don’t know if a dark hole type assist + disks will work out that well for me though, I prefer to have the screen covered with things like a beam or jam session/drones/w/e. But ill see.

Any assist that isn’t Haggar can get blown up really badly on a bad call but he comes out on screen at such a speed and priority (while being projectile invincible) that it’s usually in your favor to just ram on him unless you’re getting completely rushed. Especially since assists still come on screen even if you get hit. The only issue with Akuma is that he’s a mostly close ranged assist but once you get in close Akuma shuts down all other assists except armored or invincible assists. If the opponent waits for Haggar to whiff he can get in trouble also and the 2 frame invincibility nerf means Haggar will lose to tight rushdown now also.

All assists get blown up on bad calls.(since she’s only vulnerable for what is half a second). Not really unique to Akuma. The hardest assist to punish is Morrigan’s harmonizer because as soon as she appears on screen and waves her hand you can’t touch her anymore.