Dark Souls 3 Thread

So I don’t see a thread for DkS3 yet, so I thought I’d make one. I hope that this doesn’t mean that I am the only one hyped for this game. I haven’t been following the development extremely closely, but what I have followed leads me to believe that this game will be more akin to the classic games like DkS and DeS and less like the disappointing DkS2. It definitely seems to be closely following the DkS formula while also adding a strong touch of Bloodborne, for instance leveled bosses who seem more “disgusting” than other Soul’s bosses (which I think is totally awesome). Right now it looks pretty gorgeous and it is interesting that this is the first time we aren’t playing as an undead. I can’t say I’m more hyped for this than SF5, but it will certainly create some conflict during game time for me. I’ve posted some videos below. What do you guys think, will it live up to the hype or will it be just mediocre (like 2)? Also, I thought I would add that what I love most about the Souls series is the general difficulty and the completely epic boss fights (it takes me back to the old days of gaming, before games held your hand throughout the entire process), and judging from the video below, 3 won’t disappoint. So what do you all love most about this godlike series?
PS, Dark Souls 3 drops on March 24

I think the reason there’s no thread is people were just planning to use the Dark Souls 1, 2 thread

That is blasphemous, this game needs its own thread :wink:

There is a DSIII thread

Well it used to be the Dark Souls 1 thread, they just changed the name. But yeah up to you of course, I’m not saying you can’t create this thread, just answering why there isn’t a specific one.

Although, now that I think about out, I’m pretty sure there is a Dark Souls 3 thread already…

Apparently there is one, so my bad. I didn’t see it when I glanced through the “General Discussion” page