DarkGiygas' Request Thread


Post all requests here.


New gallery : http://darkgiygas.deviantart.com/gallery/pixelart/


Beautiful, man!!! Thanks for the great Avatar!!!


No prob. Any more requests?

Which forward moving attacks are punishable on block? (USF4)

New request filled for “RoninDRE-X” (attachment).


when resizing what is the nuber of pixels do u put for l and w


What do you mean? For the backgrounds I just make it 160x64.


I take it that’s what you meant.


UPDATED - New gallery pics in first post.


Could you do one of Demitri for me? If so could you use this pic somewhere, maybe as the background? I dont know and the one in the attachment.


Thanks if you do this. :cool:


stupid red x :bluu:

the first pic is now in this attachment


I’ll get right on it. :wink:


Here ya go.


its saying its not a valid file :confused: :frowning:


What the…? It’s only a 7kb gif, lawl.


when I save the pic its saying its a .BMP, I think thats the problem

...Is Hugo completly free to Rolento's rolling attack?

I see you got it working. :stuck_out_tongue:

EX Lariat and squasher are nearly useless against a knowledgable opponent
EX Lariat and squasher are nearly useless against a knowledgable opponent

I got it to work by copying and pasting the URL from the open window into the section for uploading avatars.

Thanks a bunch it looks great :smiley: :cool: :smiley: :cool:


Av request please

I would like an avatar similar to the one I have, but with only a couple of minor changes. I would like the animation speed to be slowed down a little, also, I would like my name in different text and preferred if not animated. I’ll supply the pics in case you have a better background layout in mind, or can’t use my current one as base. Thank you for your time.

p.s (I think my name has a “z” at the end, and I would greatly appriciate it if you could replace it)



Alright. I may have it done by tonight, but if not, then for sure tomorrow.


Hmmm…what about this?