DarkGiygas' Request Thread


Taking 3 requests at a time.

Request away.

Most of my other work can be seen HERE.


Hey Could I get a Akuma or Ken AV.



can you make an av out of this pic and put beasting at the

thanks in advance


i would like a Avator of a character from Final Fantasy (perfer a male) doing some special powers, but not animation style, kinda plain but tight looking. For the name Digital Wolf, put in in there in kinda small letters to were the magical power is taken place. Medium size character BIG magical powers…


thx’s in adv:D


Altron - Sorry but you’ve been av whoring from everyone.

Digital - I’ll get working on it soon.

Lynks - Here ya go. Tell me if you want anything changed.


nonono I only asked for this strider one but the one i’m asking you for is for a diff forum.


Sorry, bub…no dice. Still not allowed.


its tight as hell…can i see it with a differnt font


Ok, just gimme a min.


How’s this?


perfect…thanks a lot dude


Ok, I’ll wait. Thanks



think u can make me one with Ryu and Rugal like that, then with a nice blended background with them both?!?!?!

man your good… i can see you in the future already, getting more requests than the Tonbary Thread one…

GoodLuck bro, u got my props…



Here ya go:


Whoa WTF? You give him a AV when he asked from the same guy I did to get one. And I only asked for one AV…


Bleargh, I didn’t even notice that. I suppose I’ll make yours now then. :confused:


Nah its ok I’ll wait a bit. Just save a spot for me.


Heh, I’m already done.


Ugh, this “thing” is back.


You should just go away before you get banned or something.


Yo Giygas you didnt have to take time for mine. It looks really good like the rest of your art.

Thanks, Very Much Appreciated.