Darkness Illusion, Comboable?



Hey guys,

Has anyone found any way to combo into Morrigan’s Darkness Illusion (D, DF, F + KK) Super? I realize you can hit it off of a soul fist, but I want to know if there is any way to end a REAL combo with it?

If you Hit a laucher and Aerial Rave you can connect with it at the end, but the combo ends and they have a chance to block it because of the startup lag of the super…

Has anyone found any way to hit it into any sort of combo?
If so, you will make me a very happy person!



u can combo soul fist can’t u. off a deep s.fierce or something. then xx to darkness illusion.

or you could use an assist and make your life much easier :stuck_out_tongue:


You can do it against the wall: jab, fierce, soul fist, Darkness Illusion.

If you want to do it in the air or at any “non-wall” point on the ground, you will need an assist.


Ok, Thanks alot for the tips guys!

Any suggestions on good assists that combo it particularly well?


a good assist would be sentinal(y)


What are the properties of her darkness illusion and soul eraser supers ? How come at times soul eraser takes off a shitload of life and others it barely takes of any even though you them straight on the spot. Morrigan Sakura Cammy is my mid-low tier team =)


morrigan darkness illusion can combo anywhere

If anyone wants to know how to combo morrigans darkness ilussion email me at ssjdarkgohan @hotmail.com


just post it here =D


when you switch to morrigan and do a j.lk, j.mk, DI while the oppenent is spiraling downards will the lag time still let the block?


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