Darkness Illusion Crossup(s)

I’ve been messing around with Morrigan (well I play her, but i’ve been messing with her in training mode), and I found that you can crossup with her Darkness Illusion super. I accidently did it in a match once, and everyone made a big scene about it, so I went home and worked to find reliable setups for it. I haven’t dedicated a whole lot of time to it, so so far i’ve only found c.lk, c.hp (launches), wait, Darkness Illusion. The super will hit them on the opposite side that Morrigan comes from as they’re falling from the launch. The super seems to have pretty high priority as well, so if they try to attack on the way down, they should get hit anyway. A nice way to test this in training mode is to set the comp. to auto-guard, and if you do the crossup correctly, the computer will block it the other day (duh). It’s hard/impossible to tell what side you hit from if the super connects, so use auto-guard to get the timing for it down.

If anyone else cares to take the time to experiment with this, please post some other reliable setups into her Crossup DI, i’d love to know some more. Peace y’all :karate:.

It works off Cyclops AAA. Just get in a couple hits plus cyc AA, dash forward, DI :). For some reason the TK version doesn’t seem to cross up, which means no free OTG :frowning:

Also, I’ve been crossed up with Felicia’s qcf+PP super while coming out of a roll, and I’ve always wondered if there was any way to set up something like that with Morrigan… might be worth looking into…

The 1st time I accidently crossed up with DI (as mentioned above) was from me using DI in the air, and crossing up someone coming down from a super jump. So it’s possible with an air (TK) DI i’m sure. Also judging by the wakeup crossup you mentioned, it might be possible to land a TK DI, OTG into a combo that ends in her sweep (would probably require an assist), and then crossup DI on wakeup. I’ve been going to school/working nonstop lately (heck i’m at school right now), so my free time is practically non-existant, but i’ll experiment more when i’m able too. Thanks for helping :tup:.

This off the subject, but i’ve been crossed up by a cyclops set-up like that before. He does the crouching hk, then cancels into moveable optic blast. I roll the hk and he folllows , the super somehow hits when i stand up. Happened more than once. Never tested it out yet though.