Darkside Games SF4 Tournament Greenville Sc 8/15/2009


Hey Guys we have a SF4 tournament at Darkside Games in Greenville SC. This tournament will be on Xbox360. If we have a good turnout the owner has said he will do many many more.

Date 8/15/2009

Registration Time 12:00pm
Tournament Time 1:00pm

Double Elim.
Bring Your own Controller
Best 2/3 matches
Best 3/5 simi finals
Best 4/7 Finals

Entry Fee $10 ($2.50 to the house $7.50 to the pot)
total pot to be devided 70/20/10 between top 3 placers.
Standard Tournament Rules apply.

Register on here with the name and region for the brackets.

Location Information
Darkside Games
215 Pelham Rd. Suite B-109 Greenville SC 29615


Preregistration list


  1. Drew Koonrod “lord krusty” Greenville Sc
  2. Michael Purvis “crit” Greenville Sc
  3. Matt Hart Greenville Sc
  4. John Shelby “Unclebuck” Greenville Sc
  5. Bushido X, Columbia, SC
  6. Kyle “Voss Von Doom” Pack
  7. Shamar
  8. Cliff “Shin Oro” Overstreet
  9. Hi-Tekk
  10. Jonathan “manimreallywet” Bacaoat
  11. Daniel “Ribeye” Willey
  12. Avatar2
  13. SimpleKiss
  14. Nick Shortt
  15. Kevin Hutchinson
  16. Jonny Quest
  17. Award tour


no BB no KOF XII???


dead link


Added a post for this tourney at the SC Tourney Blog, filldoh.

If you are interested in SC Tourney information please visit and bookmark:


Sign me up just in case I’m back in SC by then. Bushido X, Columbia, SC.



Sign me up

Kyle “Voss Von Doom” Pack


Here is the corrected URL for the website.


Thanks Avatar, and thanks Kyle. This one will only be for SF4 but the next Gvegas Beatdown will be this month. The owner of darkside games is open to running any tourney so after this one if you want me to have him run a BB i am sure i can get him too do so at another date.


just two weeks left


few more added.


You can add me. Now if only I can get a hold of a TE stick for 360… :wonder:


MIGHT be able to come, since I move in either the 15th or the 16th to my new apt at clemson.

Jonathan “manimreallywet” Bacaoat
Charleston/Clemson, SC


one week left guys


I can probably make this as long as it is over by 6 at the latest. That possible?


I would think 3 or 4 at the latest. it is just the one game and there are three setups for it.

should be no issue.


it will be a nice event before G vegas I might bring BB if anyone wants to join me for some money matches


have at it lester, I dont think the owners would object to a BB tourney after this one if there is enough time and enough interest.


SimpleKiss, Columbia - Sign up NAO! =)


Got you added Simplekiss, there are also a few people signed up at the store I will try today to get those names.