Darksiders Thread

So this thread is to discuss the game Darksiders. which will be released on both Ps3 and Xbox360 on January 5th 2010.
There hasn’t been a whole lot of hype for this game. But from videos i have seen it seems like it will be a good one. Post any news you guys may have here, or any questions and hopefully, me or others can answer them. here’s some videos

Game looks awesome, have been waiting for it as one of my Q1 purchases

I had to verify my age for that? That WoW look-alike is going to bomb hard.

Releasing something like this amid Bayonetta, Dante’s Inferno, and God of War III itself is going to cost this game, big time.

game looks decent, going to give it a rent when it comes out.

ehh Ill look into it but most likely wont be buying it. looks decent tho

Looks interesting. I did get a Warcraft vibe when I saw the main character…he looks like Arthas.

For some reason, this game looks exactly like what World of Warcrafts graphic update should look like.

insert witty Arthas/Lich King comment here

It looks a bit too cartoonish, I just can’t take it seriously. Mix that with the fact that its a story that’s essentially been used a million times and you’ve got yourself a game that will be owned by GoW 3.

the idea was taken from the 4 apocalypse horsemen

is it me or is the main character voiced by the same guy as seth in SF4?

not sure about who voices the main character. But Mark Hamill is a voice actor in the game

Liam O’Brien does the voice of the main character…but if I was to get this game, it would ONLY be because of Mark Hamill.

Looks promising renter prbly

It looks promising , but the sad fact is dude just another embodiement of War we already have Kratos so people are gonna think its a rip off instead of a new game .

Liam O’Brian done some pretty good voicework…not as notable as say Mark Hammil, Steven Blum, or Frank Welker. He does english Gaara and Ukitake from Bleach.

God of War and Four Horseman War are 2 different entities.

While being two different enteties, they represent the same thing so I can see his point. I don’t care that much as Kratos is pretty generic in my opinion so another take is fine with me.

I like the look and ideas of the game. I’ll probably be picking this up eventually but I’m still playing Bayonetta so I don’t need to buy anything for a while. I do like all the different ideas. It’s abviously a game that looked at all the good ideas from many different games out there and them just threw those ideas into a mixing pot with the intent of giving the player a good time. I mean shit the Portal Gun is in the game.

Played it at PAX. I thought it was really fucking cool, it played better than dante’s inferno to me.

Although I’m not sure if they did it because it was a demo, but the game is fucking HARD. Unlike GoW there’s no health to pick up anywhere that I could see. Even the first enemies you fight are fairly quick and hurt you a lot…while your moves are actually fairly slow and hard hitting with slight AOE effects if you use the gauntlet.

The moveset is cool, the gauntlet abilities are really neat, and the art direction is fucking fantastic.

yes, it’s another GoW style game, but guess what…it’s a formula that works, and everyone seems to really like Bayonetta and that is almost a direct rip of DMC gameplay.

If nothing else it’ll be a for-sure rent game, It’ll probably be like the others at around 12-14 hours in gameplay, so I dunno about dropping $60 for it.

I liked the game, but the booth displaying the game was fucking retarded. It really didn’t do the game justice at all, if nothing else it took away from it. It had a big bull riding station that was costumed to be his evil looking horse. All of the demo stations were in a big ring around it, so you could play the game while watching some uncoordinated mother fucker fall on his ass half a dozen times :rofl:

Bayonetta’s more like a 3D Viewtiful Joe then Devil May Cry to be perfectly honest with you.

I could see that, my point was that people shouldn’t shit on it until they play it just because it has similar properties to a big name game like GoW.