Darksiders Thread

Oh yes of course of course, I definitely agree with this.

Misleading thread title, I didn’t get a single zelda vibe from this game, swords and big bosses does not = zelda.

No but open world/dungeon exploration with a heavy focus on puzzle solving does.

Eh…I don’t know but it’s probably just me I guess then. When I think ‘God of War’ I think of the god that armies pray to in hopes of winning the battle and he basically helps one side win in his own little ways. He usually just deals with battles period. Whereas whenever I think of anything having to do with the 4 Horsemen then it means the Earth’s couch has been thoroughly fucked.


What Radiant said.

10/10 - Play Magazine (us)
9.8/10 - Gamers Temple (online)
9.5/10 - Playr (uk)
9.5/10 - Game Vortex (online) "VG Top Pick"
9.3/10 - Hobby Consolas (sp)
9.2/10 - Gamepro (de)
9/10 - IGN (au - online) "Outstanding - Editors Choice Award"
9/10 - Game Informer (au)
9/10 - Play Gamer (uk)
9/10 - 360 Gamer (uk) "Gold Award"
9/10 - Power Unlimited (nl)
8.8/10 - ConsolPLUS (de) "Console Best Choice"
8.5/10 - Game Informer (us)

That was either brilliant sarcasm or brilliant stupidity.

It looks like the only similarity to GoW is violent enemy deaths prompted by a QTE.

I’ve never played a single God of War game, so to me, this is going to be all new.

So hype for this game, love the artist behind everything. Not buying it, but I’ll love it all the same.

Hmm if this game got released early over here (we got Bayonetta, EU release) then I’ll prob. snag a copy :lovin:

It seems unique, I am getting this day one; along with Bayonetta and Dante’s Inferno. Darksiders looks pretty good.

4 action games to check out next year. The year is starting off great with the action adventure games coming out.

Ever since I laid eyes on this game I always had a good feeling about its success because it has a lot of potential. It’s going to be an interesting game to play. I just hope the difficulty is challenging. I don’t want an other ridiculously easy Zelda game.

I thought this game was announced really long ago, like the new Splatterhouse game

How is the button layout? I can’t find any info on the control scheme. Just nerds cumming over the visuals and nerds complaining about shit that doesn’t matter much, if at all.

button layout is (on 360)

A: jump
X: attack
B: action/grab enemy/grab object/instant kill (provided you’ve weakened an enemy enough to use it)
Y seems to serve no purpose so far, but i’m only about an hour in so
RT: throw object/use gear (I’ve got this horn that opens gates and stuns enemies, it’s not very effective but I can jump cancel it)
LB + RT: chaos mode
LB + X/Y/A/B: use consumables or magic abilities
RB: guard
RB + any direction: dash (sidedashing seems to be key to not getting your shit wrecked)
LT: lockon
LT + right stick: change locked on target

lol the guy who follows you sounds so much like Joker. I’ll just pretend it’s joker following you around.

so, any impressions? worth immediate purchase? wait for price drop? rent? sup sup?

Rent it. Game takes 14 hours on your first playthrough.

Action aspect is weak compared to gow/dmc/bayonetta, bosses are gimmicky and unchallenging (one boss fight you just run around on a horse, strafing the boss with your autoaimed pistol until he dies, almost no challenge whatsoever). The game is too easy on any difficulty but Apocalyptic, but also too stupid when played on Apocalytpic (you revive with 4 bars of health and keep all the wrath/chaos you’ve earned, so you can keep throwing yourself at the enemy until it dies or you have enough wrath/chaos to cheese it, dying is merely a nuisance and enemies exist solely to piss you off)

I hate to be so negative about the game when other reviews are coming rainbows for it, but a lot of the reviews I’ve read so far seem like they were written after only playing the game for 2 hours.

I seriously don’t see how anyone gives this game a 9+. It has that cheesy [stop-cut to letterbox-show the player something arbitrary in the level that has changed-and then zoom back to the stationary character] thing going on almost every 20 seconds. It’s worse than Spiderman or Marvel Ultimate alliance in this department.

Also, do you get any more combos besides X,X,X,X ? or any more ‘finishers’ besides the same one you perform on every enemy every single time? I was seriously SUPER bored of the game after the first hour or two, when all I was doing was the same attack over and over. And every finishing move is the same one for each enemy, so they become stale after 5 minutes.

There doesn’t seem to be enough variation in the action.

Lastly, how is Bayonetta a DMC ripoff, when it’s made by the creator of DMC? :stuck_out_tongue:

The screen tearing (x360) and stuttering are awful. Love the graphics, but the problems it has on the X360 are almost too hard to actually sit and enjoy the game.