Darksiders Thread

So we’re in agreement, Darksiders is the most overhyped disappointment since Assassin’s Creed?

disappointing, might need to check some more vids and crap online before a purchase, was hoping it was good but not hearing much good feedback ftl

Hmm guess I’ll wait for a price drop for this game before getting it…

This game looks decent, it got a 7.8 but I never trust the reviews. I might pick it up because it does have a holographic cover, something that was all the rage in games several years ago.

I’ve played an hour or so, but it seems promising so far. I haven’t played enough to give some real impressions, though. Who is the voice actor for War? He sounds like the guy who played Lezard Valeth from VP2.

Yeah 0_o. Just buy new moves and use them in combos, DMC style.

The new moves aren’t even worth using. I never bought them until the very end just for the sake of buying something.

xxxx launcher xxxx slap down, repeat (or instant kill). Weak game, beat it because I had nothing else to play.

I’m having alot of fun playing this game. I look forward coming home from work and spending a half hour with it each day. To me it’s the first game since Castlevania Sotn or FFTactics that I’ve even remotely enjoyed playing at all. I’m just disappointed to hear that its only 14 hours. It’ll still last me for a couple months but I was hoping it was expansive and had more RPG elements. But whatever I’m having a great time.

I’ve tried to make the best out of the screen tearing and frame rate issues and have to agree. The game is fun. And damn gorgeous. I wish I would have bought the PS3 version, but meh.


I never bought into the hype on this one.

I gave Ass Cred the benefit of the doubt, before release.

But the concept of this had me "Meh"ing from the start.

I got this game on release date. been playing it the last few nights. I am currently on my way to the 2nd dungeon. The game takes ideas from alot of games, mainly Zelda and GOW. The finishers are not like GOW, though I wish it was. You press B to finish an opponent and then sit back and watch the cut scene. That is it, only B, for the large Bosses and its just a long finisher and no other button inputs inbetween which makes it less interactive. That may change as I get further into the game.

The overworld and exploring is Zelda like, you can see different paths that require different weapons and power ups to proceed, so there will be some backtracking involved not sure how much though. The combat feels more like Fable to me than GOW. Button A is your sword attack, and you can change combos by pausing between inputs or adding a directional input while pressing A.

My only gripe so far, besides the slow pacing in the beginning is the controls. After playing games like Ninja Gaiden and GOW, I wish the controls were more accessible and fluent. Dash and Block is RB (xbox Controller), and using sub weapons is RT, lock on is LT, and using magic is LB plus A, B, X, Y. You can assign different magics to a button. You have to get use to it.

I play on the 360 version and it looks great. Everybody gripes about screen tearing. I really do not know what that is, so it may be there but I am just not noticing it. I read that they are releasing an update to fix that issue. I put it on the hardest difficulty for a challenge. I die enough to keep coming back, but it’s not frustrating. I’m enjoying it so far, and its a good break from Street Fighter.

EDIT: Not sure it was posted, but here is the link to the 360 screen tearing update info.

Darksiders is mad pro. There are clearly some issues with the game, and it’s far from perfect, but it’s mid to high 8 territory for real. The gameplay is DMC “lite” where as a larger influence is given to the puzzles. In videos/trailers, it’s hard to get a sense of adventure that the game is really about, as they focus a lot more on the combat. This makes you think it’s supposed to be a direct competitor to DMC/GOW/BAYO type games, and it really isn’t.

To be 100% honest, I was not expecting much of this game. I saw it in development at THQ almost 2 years ago and thought “… well, interesting… but don’t think it’s going to blow anyones’ mind”. I’m glad I picked it up… it was an extremely fun game to play.

Darksiders was marketed very poorly and some reviewers are so inept at their “craft” - lazily comparing it to GOW and calling it derivative. The funny thing is, GOW and BAYO were created from the foundations that DMC set (BAYO even more so for obvious reasons). DMC uses old mechanics as well (barriers to lock you in, very trite puzzles, similar control scheme, invuln frames on dash startup) and they were carried over to BAYO, yet no one knocks BAYO for that. Often times, the same reviewers would give Shadow Complex a high score and Darksiders a much lower score because it was derivative. Ridiculous, since everyone knows Shadow Complex is a direct rip of Metroid… but no one cares… why? Because Shadow Complex is a fun game to play. Darksiders is a fun game to play. It’s actually much longer than most AAA games these days (anywhere from 12-15 hours on normal, 15+ on Apocalyptic). Any reviewer worth their salt would have at least brought up Legacy of Kain / Soul Reaver. Not only is that a more accurate comparison to Darksiders, it’s where DMC (and Onimusha) got some of its inspiration.

At any rate, if you like solid adventure games with better than average combat (with Bayo/DMC3 being the pinnacle of that category), fun puzzles (far better than anything DMC/GOW/BAYO have to offer), a story that actually makes sense, then you’d be doing yourself a disservice to pass up Darksiders.

That being said, as a huge fan of DMC3 (one of my favorite games ever), the combat of DMC3/BAYO (the pinnacle), the storytelling/epicness of GOW (top of the line storytelling in an action game), I fully recommend checking our Darksiders. It’s not better than any of those games in their respective categories, but it is very good in EVERY one of those categories.

^ I approve this message

Darksiders is $40 and focuses on puzzles which is more important seeing how the combat is at least decent, but Dante’s inferno is made by the Dead Space guys (one of my favorite games) and has to do with hell which always ups the cool factor), and everyone says Bayonetta is a much better action game then both…I’m so torn:sweat:

Darksiders’ price dropped for a reason…

Probably the same reason this thread only has 3 pages

I’d say bayonetta is the best of the 3 by a pretty huge margin.

This game is a hell of a lot more like Soul Reaver than anything else. It’s enjoyable, but I imagine the issue that a lot of folks are having is that it isn’t as good as any of the games it has taken it’s gameplay elements from. I feel like the game suffered because of that. It’s still a solid game. I’d say a 6-7. I really enjoy the Zelda elements, and Nintendo should take a look at what these guys did and evolve their shit. Zelda has gotten stale. At least these guys tried some new shit.

I pretty much decided this and possibly dantes were gonna be late/cheap purchases when i bought bayonetta

And I just bought the damn game a while ago for 52 bucks used. Now to return it for a new copy and put the difference on SSF4.

Darksiders sold really well last month…It cracked top 10.

I feel that Darksiders was a good first attempt from a new developer. Zelda was clearly the biggest influence. The sequel can only be better at this point. If they can tighten up the combat (I’m not expecting DMC level, but at least better than GOW), tweak the controls, and throw in whatever ideas they have for the brothers, I think they could have something special on their hands.