Darkstalkers 3 thread

I decided to start a Darkstalkers III thread since I looked around and inquired, and all there seems to be is a Vampire Savior thread and a Darkstalkers one thread (the latter of which is very very old).

So been playing this game a bit recently for fun and was wondering what information anyone had to impart. Tiers, Broken shit, glitches etc.

uhhh darkstalkers 3 IS vampire savior.

lmao. Uggh my bad. I won’t try to take the easy way out and Ill just say that I just didn’t know. Apologies. As I understood it the second game had a different name and I thought it was Vampire Savior, therefore I thought the Vampire Savior was dedicated to DS “II”.

vampire hunter/night warriors is darkstalkers 2. vampire savior 1 is darkstalkers 3

honest mistake, the series naming schemes can be a little confusing