DarkStalkers 4 Speculation


I didn’t see anything like this posted yet so here goes!
Some things I’m wondering:
[]Will mechanics from SF4/SFxT carry over? Groundbounce, wallbounce, crumple, juggles, armor, etc.
]Infinite prevention? Hitstun deterioration? It would be interesting if they implemented something along the lines of SkullGirls IPS…
[]Comeback mechanics? I don’t wanna see anything like SF4 Rage or MvC Xfactor…
]Are they gonna go crazy with the camera a la SFxT?
[]Hope they don’t change the between round transition. I like how speedy it is!
]Oh yeah and keep it bloody!

What do you guys think the new DS would play like?

Vampire Savior [Dark Stalkers]
So im not sure where to post... (GGPO)

Darkstalkers combo mechanics are pretty restrictive compared to a lot of other games, so I’m not sure it needs any kind of hitstun deterioration or other infinite prevention. The infinites that have existed previously in the series were either due to glitches or were based on incredibly precise links.


Ah I see. I never got too deep into Vampire Savior so I don’t know a whole lot about the combo system…


I hope the characters look good, I also hope its not too much like SF4’s character designs and instead be more like MVC3’s.


Aside from having chain combos, it’s pretty similar to the basic Street Fighter-style combo system. Only certain normals are cancellable, and only at certain points in their animation. Normals that have been chained into can’t be cancelled. Very few juggles exist at all, and the ones that do are very limited (Air Beast Cannon into ES Climb Razor… and that’s it.) You have OTGs, but they are specialized moves and can’t act as combo extenders like in Marvel.


I hear aerial attacks have zero hitstun?!?! Really?

I’m pretty sure they’ll carry over stuff from SF4/SFxT like groundbounces, wallbounces, crumples, juggles etc.

The character models and textures in MvC3 are way lower poly/less detailed than SF4/SFxT (because they have to have so much crap on the screen lol). I think all of new characters for SFxT looked pretty great, an improvement over SF4 so I’m pretty optimistic that Dimps would do a pretty good job with DS4.



Game does have infinites none of which are useful but eh.

They should probably change it up a bit rather than making it another Vsav.


Im curious what do the hardcore vampire players wanna see changed/carried over?


Company that makes it= changed.


Bulleta’s infinite is useful IF you have the execution, chances are no one will ever do it without a tool assist, but they’ll get enough loops in to do big damage.

I really don’t want any more movement options, okay, maybe Anakaris deserves to tech a goddman hit.

Please don’t take out renda.


OP maybe you wanna try Vampire Savior(ggpo and such). You can’t know what to expect or why anyone wants this or that without trying it to see how it feels. No trying to put you down or anything, I just started playing with my friends this summer myself.

Any, I hope they DON’T try to make this into a combo heavy game. I like that this is one of the airdash fighters that doesn’t look like a combo video every game.

I love that there are no real rounds and the position doesn’t reset after K.O.s. Its like the game is saying: “Oh you won? and in the corner too? High five!”


Playing off the phrase we’ve heard so many times before, Darkstalkers Are Not Dead features an art style similar to Street Fighter IV

Setting off red flags even before getting out of the starting gate is not the way I wanted this announcement to start, although I had a strong feeling it was given the poor decision making the last few years.


According to people who saw the teaser trailer the art style of the cinematic seemed to be somewhat reminiscent of SF4’s however the CG cutscenes of Capcom fighters always look artistically a bit different to the game (take the shading on SF4’s trailers for example) so what engine they’ll use for the game is unknown.
Personally I also hope they use the MT Framework engine (the engine used in Marvel 3/Lost planet series) or a new engine alltogether, although unlike a lot of people I actually like SF4’s graphics (I thought it looked gorgeous when it first came out) but the engine is getting a bit old now as can be seen in SFxT (the complete saturation/neon colours didn’t help).


I am legit terrified of Vsav in SF4’s art style.

To be honest, I’m more hype for Vsav with PSN.


There is a few people that can do it sure it’s harder on a emulator that runs too fast, studders on vista and onwards, and roll backs randomly if you’re playing online.


Fat chance of that happening…


The entire infinite?

Well, fuck, I wish my Bulleta was that ill.


Nevermind what I quoted, it looks like I was the one who was confused after all. Sorry!

I also hope that they dont use the same composers as in SFIV and MVC3. In my opinion, some of the character themes in SF4 were good, but almost all the stage themes weren’t–almost the same goes for MVC3. I would love to hear something other than remixes of old music too, but that is probably not going to happen…


I don’t what good player is getting caught with that.


The infinite?