Darkstalkers 4 ~ What do we know so far?


We need a new hype train, fellers.

Let’s construct the rr tracks for the train, shall we?

1) We know that it runs on a modified version of the SFxTK engine.

2) We know what 3 of the cast looks like in 3D, thanks to Marvel. We know that art style is not dictated by existing 3D assets ((one benefit over 2D sprites) models can be reused and rendered in different engines different ways).

3) We were told that Ono was in charge, but, the poor guy is worn out. So, who is heading it now, and how might that effect things?

4) We know that the series hasn’t had a chance to expand in 14 years, and that the original cast is what? 22 or so? There’s:
[]Baby Bonnie Hood*
[]Jon Talbain*
[]Lord Raptor*

[]Dark Talbain (Gallon)*
[]Dee (Evil Donovan)* - (Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection only)
[]Oboro Bishamon*
[]***Marionette - ****(Vampire Savior 2 & Vampire Hunter 2)

So, there should be at least 12 new characters.

Now, I have not followed much of the anime, comics, or do not know of any concept sketches from 1997 (jeez, that’s a while ago!) that might not have made it in, so who the hell will be added?

A) Darkstalkers is a play on classic movie monsters. For example, Rikuo is a play on “The Creature from the Black Lagoon.” So, what gaps are missing? Well, there is no “blob” representative. There is no “gremlin” rep, nor anything close to a classic Grey Alien or something like Mars Thing from SNK. There is nothing Lovecraftian. There’s nothing representing popular cryptids, like, “El Chupacabra!” There are no dinosaurs. There are no fungussy fighters or plants.

B) There are plenty of monstrous orphaned characters from other fighters who might fit (not that I’m saying they SHOULD be in, just that they could conceivably be brought back): There’s Amingo (hey, a plant guy!), Ruby Heart (ghosts and all that) and even Son Son (turns into King Kong). Firebrand and Arthur would be welcome by me. There’s a bunch of characters from Red Earth (go Tessa!).

Care to speculate?


I wanna get hype bro, i really do. But, modern capcom is just gonna find SOME WAY to mess it it up.
As for characters, we don’t have an alien yet. That’d be pretty cool.


is this announced? if not, fuck off


Pyron is an Alien and they could use a play on the headless horseman for a ghost character. But it’s too soon for this, let them announce it first.


What? How do we “know” any of this?


Because there are rumors from some vague source.

Which we all know means it’s 100% confirmed legit.


There’s already a thread on this, there’s no official announcement, we don’t need guest characters, we don’t need a hype train.

  1. We know that this is all speculation
  2. We know that Ono and Niitsuma want this game
  3. We know that despite that it still has not been announced

We can therefore speculate that their requests for permission to make a new Darkstalkers was denied.


Supposedly, it’s been in production for a year.


They might skip out on adding characters (or only add 2-4) considering how graphic heavy DS is. Demitri and Anakaris both need an additional character model for EVERY other character in the game for their moves. Midnight Bliss and Pharaoh’s Curse both transform the other characters (as well as the character’s themselves) so you have to take into account how much extra weight each of those character’s bare with them if you want to keep them authentic. (I believe this is why we haven’t seen Demitri in any recent games. What’s Demitri without Midnight Bliss?)

I hope they avoid “Dark” or “Evil” verions of characters – which would bring my person roster size (barring new characters) to 20.


I want to believe, but this thread is playing with my emotions.


I’m playing Chaos Tower on my Vita and its making my mouth water for DS4, especially if it uses the SFxT engine.


If DS4 does end up becoming a reality and uses the SFxT engine, I wonder what features might be incorporated.

Like a COOP in DS might be kinda cool.




I honestly do believe that SFxT’s tag mechanics should become standard in a MK9/Skullgirls kind of way. Game should auto balance for size differences and allow 2v1 and such. Since SFxT has no assists, and just has tags, I think it makes perfect sense.

For SF games, 1 man teams get Focus Attack instead of Tag so they can use their meter for FADC’s to extend combos.

In DS, obviously, MK+MP would activate Dark Power.

Seems like tag mechanics are here to stay in Tekken, hopefully Capcom catches wind of the fact that more play options = better.

We get it.


Would they dare make DS a tag game? I bet not, but I personally wouldn’t mind that kind of blasphemy.

Here’s hoping they do not make the graphical style goofy like IV and SFxT.

I think Capcom is done with the “dark version” or alternate character pallet swaps counting as new characters. Too bad, because I really miss War Machine. Maybe Marionette will get her own move set?


That’s kind of their standard now, graphically.

I wouldn’t mind it as a tag game, but I’d prefer if they went Skullgirls style and made it optional.


We know jack about DS4 until Capcom shows pictures of an alpha or beta build of the rumored game.
It’s going to be graphically like SF4 so we can all forget about the fantasies of hand-drawn graphics. Arc System is the last Japanese developer that does 2-D artwork for fighting games regularly.

I like Skullgirls but I seriously doubt a new DS game will be anything like it as much as I’d hope otherwise. Skullgirls is a spiritual descendant of the Darkstalkers series whether most people have realized it or not.
I saw it right away!


I kind of hope that they go a different direction with DS4 if it happens, to be honest. They can’t improve on Vampire Savior, better to bring back the characters we all love in an entirely new game. All it needs is downs over rounds.


Not really even Arc Systems anymore. The pipeline is, 3D modeling and animation, cel shaded rendering of those frames (at which point the game is actually 2D) and 2D clean-up.

Skull Girls is the only true 2D, hand-drawn fighter of late.

However, we have not even begun to tap what can be accomplished with the different ways of rendering the frames. They could have made SF4 look very different, just by all the different rendering methods. There is still a possibility that DS4 could look dark and 2D, if they want it to.