Darkstalkers #5 is out!

Post your thoughts about the issue here. I myself haven’t gotten a chance to pick it up yet though.

This issue was the best yet.Everything seem to meshed into one as this arc ends.I hope pyron makes his debut in the next issue.

Victor versus Donovan seem to be a hero vs. hero misunderstanding plot.

DS mini- Need bigger balls .LMAO :clap:

The issue was really good! the Bishamon side story was really well done and the art was top notch.Cant wait for Rikou and Anakiris to appear.It looks like it is building up to something great.Cant wait for issue 6!

It was already gone by the time I got to the comic book store…at like…3 or 4 today. The guy put in an order for me, so I’ll get it by next week. This is like the early issues of SF all over again…but atleast this time I found a store that actually cares about its customers and will get me the issues.

was this the one w/ the aubath foil? i hope i didnt miss it…

good issue. it seemed thick, which is very pleasing. side story was pretty, as were donovan’s needs for bigger balls.

I also hope they make a super out of what morrigan did to that vampire in sammy vs capcom(w/ her wing-spears, not the kiss)… i know this is wishful thinking, but that would be hella sweet.

Pretty good stuff. My only complaint was in the backstory. Mr. “I talk too much” Evil Armor just sounded really repetitive with the things it was saying. It’s all good though. If I was a talking piece of evil armor, I’d probably mouth off alot too.

So I got the issue at Rupps today…looked good and all, but when I checked out the new Previews there was nothing for issues 7+ in it. So, why haven’t there been any solicitations for any issue after 6? It’s been 2 months and not a peep in Previews.

Also, what exactly has happened to Rival Schools? I have a sinking feeling I know what’s going on, but I’d like to get some light shed on it. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Something is happenning. I cannot tell you guys just yet… but when I can, I will sure to bring nothing but good news on SF, DS & RS.

Ok so there IS going to be a Rival Schools comic, thats good news as I been looking forward to that since I heard it was comming.

Anyways back to DS, I wonder if and how Jedah will be incorparated.


When the painter was first introduced, I didn’t expect him to show up again. I like how he is used to connect Demitri and Morrigan.

Although having the townsfolk accept Victor and Emily after
the demon attack on the village was thwarted is slightly cliche, it is fitting for the characters and was executed well.

One little thing for you guys to note. You have an inconsistency for the spelling of Demitri; it was spelled as “Dimitri” once (DS Mini) and once as (second last page of main story, rightmost middle panel) as “Demetri”. The spelling Capcom uses is “Demitri”.

Couldn’t agree more. I liked the art and the dialogue for the story. It gave the reader a lot of info on the armour’s motives, alignment, and its “life cycle”.


I also hope they make a super out of what morrigan did to that vampire in sammy vs capcom(w/ her wing-spears,…


I think that is meant to be her far s.HP. Alvin Lee gave it a much more organic feel to it. Capcom’s in game design has Morrigan with a much more metallic/technological feel. She has metal thrusters, her normal move set has very rigid attacks that often animate as slicing or piercing implements. For those who have access to a game with Morrigan, take a look at far s.HP, d.HP, far s.HK, d.MP, etc to see what I mean.

ACK! Yet another surprise! You are killing us with suspense! :rofl:

I liked the Bishamon back up. Say, the part where the lady tries on the Bishamon armor, is that supposed to be a Full Metal Alchemist shout out? Looks like Lust and Gluttony! And the guy with the mustache beneath her reminded me of that guy who tried on the armor in the Darkstalkers OVA but got reduced to a skull. The guy in the first few panels looks really familiar too, like someone from an Anime I saw long ago, but I may be wrong about that and pretty much everything I said in this paragraph. :rofl:

It was strange finding out it was an end of the arc, I didn’t figure there would be arcs in DS since there’s a lot less games to cover than SF. Ah well, Donovan vs. Bishamon and possibly Morrigan vs. Demitri is a good way to close out for now.

The ‘Dimitri’ mistake happens a lot in other places too. It happened in the SVC Chaos comic and when Sota had people vote on which DS character people wanted them to make they mispelled his name ‘Dimitri.’

I also loved the main story and the villagers embracing Victor and Emily.

Looking forward to when you guys show Aulbath(Rikuo) and Sasquatch. Keep up the good work!

I was blown away by this issue. Enjoyed the match up and tag team antics of Victor and Donovan. But I still have complaints on how Anita is treated. You let her show emotion in that panel where she speaks about the demon armor. She doesn’t look bored enough. Because she shouldn’t show emotion until something HUGE happens. And that won’t be for awhile.

Love how you guys are taking your sweet time with the story. It’s getting better and better and you can feel a huge fight is about to go down that could last 2 issues.

Someone mentioned Jedah. Jedah should not be shown for a very long time. He’s’ the final boss of the last Darkstalkers game. Come now. It’s Pyron’s time in the lime light before he’s reduced to a high class darkstalker.

UDON… I get this feeling that all the Capcom comics will end in 3 years. Is this true? There’s a lot to cover in sf and someone mentioned that Vol 3 would be the start of the Street Fighter tournament. As in the Alpha tourny or THE tourny? Also… the exciting climax for DS with Donovan (or is it demitri) vs. Pyron won’t be seen for at least a year right? I know revealing your story arc is not a list of things to do but quell this fan’s fears that these games stories will not be short changed.

OH and I love the Bishamon back up story. Oh it was so great. I love the way it ended with him repating that line again. Felt like poetry guys… Pure bloody poetry.

Finally got hold of a DS comic (issue 4 + 5), issue 5 is good stuff, the main story moves along very nicely and the art is great :clap:

What happened to the painter guy that was in issue#3?DA GAME knows that in issue#4 Morrigan’s flying around in the city & the book never elaborated on the Donovan look-a-like.


He got killed (or better said sucked dry) by Morrigan.