Darkstalkers 6 Preview (Typo?)


On page 3, Lord Belial says, “Perhaps I was foolish to belief that this was that day.” It should say “believe” instead of “belief” but it’s kind of blurry so i’m not sure if i’m seeing it right.

Looks great! Can’t wait!

You can read that?

It’s fuckin’ microscopic over here…

POOOR MORRIGAN. her father is dying,although i do find it strange that belial is currently invisible and morrigon is looking at him as if she can see him.

What I find strange is Morrigan actually weeping for her father. I didn’t she was the sort of woman who would shed tears in any situation.

HER FATHER IS DYING!! even a woman made out of stone would cry at the loss of her loving father.

at http://www.devil-dealer.bigstep.com/ (the publisher’s website), it says, about 2/3 of the way down, that Darkstalkers #6 is the final issue. Does that mean no more issues after this or final issue relating to the arc?

Erik originally stated that it’s the final issue to this arc.