DarkStalkers Avatars in PSN store today, foreshadowing a new game?

I was checking out the new additions to the PSN store today and 2 things caught my eye.

Dark Stalkers Felicia Avatar
Dark Stalkers Morrigan Avatar

With Evo this weekend, could this be a hint at a new Darkstalkers game?

MVC3 has both characters.

But it’s not their MVC3 sprites, it’s their old Darkstalkers ones. You’re probably right.

Meh, still not availble on Asian PSN.

Felicia Avatar artwork isn’t from Capcom Fighting Jam?

Who knows?

Regardless, I think we are going to see a new Vampire game in the future. Ono was fangasming over his twitter about how his “meeting to sell an idea to Inafune (Capcom’s head of R&D) went over well” last week. Ono is a rather shameless Vampire fanboy who’s wanted to make a game for the series since development of the original SF4 ended. Everything seems to hint at the notion that he’s finally on his way to getting his long-standing desire granted.

Oh, and going by his twitter, Ono WILL be at EVO. Dunno if that’s supposed to entail anything extra…

yeah darkstalkers revival, and i’m leady

why does capcom keep going after the games I play… can’t they fuck up another game?

regular vampire savior is perfect. It would be impossible to do any better.

capcom already tried to make a vampire savior 2 and it failed TERRIBLY. Its probably one of capcoms biggest flops ever and you would hope they learned a lesson from that. If its not broke, don’t fix it…

I see what you did there.

Vampire Savior or rather Vampire Savior EX (ps2) needs to be released so it has Donovan, Phobos, and Pyron in it with GGPO netcode then its perfect.

and with Mummy being able to Adv. Guard…

Would buy if they release a Sasquatch avatar.

I’m waiting for dat talbain avatar