DarkStalkers Cover #1! Mark Brooks!

I have Mark on my deviant watch, and heres his new deviant :clap:

Darkstalkers cover for issue 1!!!



Looks nice, but why is Q-Bee the only DS3 character in there? No Lilith? No Jedah? No BB Hood? Rather odd choice.

great cover :tup:

so uh, when is it out?
ok, might as well, when is Rival School for that matter? :xeye:

looks goods but can be better.

Looks good :rock:

if u read the little details he wrote on the deviant page, the issue would be out in november, but im guess u have to tell ur comic retailers to get it or something, he’s also doing the back up story for that issue

"looks goods but can be better."
my god u guys are…i dont know the word but i thought the pic was bad ass, i dont think it could be better, but then again nothing is perfect, hehe

Looks nice, but why is Q-Bee the only DS3 character in there? No Lilith? No Jedah? No BB Hood? Rather odd choice.
i have no clue why, but maybe in the first issue there not planning to introduce every character quite yet, and maybe mark brooks like qbee? hehe i dont know

as for rival school, i have no idea as well, but i know i’ll be getting it when it comes out, same for darkstalkers

The males(except for Demitri) are depicted well, but the females just look…odd, in comparison to their in game portraits anyway.

sweet drawing…I dont really like non-anime style but the composition and painting…and morrigan…and morrigan…and morriggan…makes it cool :wink:

You dumb nuts. Why would Mark wanna imitate anime style for? he has his OWN style. If the Japanese ever took over one of the comics in the US, they are not expected to mimic our style we have over here now do they? Fools know nothing of art.

Mark this picture is awesome but I know you can do alot better.

Look what they did to MVC2. They drew our characters in anime style. Yes anime style. BUUUUST.

O M F G! I Die!!!

I like the coloring. I’m not crazy about the drawing. Anime/non anime style…not the point. Udon’s art on the Street Fighter comic much better fits the SF characters than this art fits Darkstalkers. It isn’t bad, but anybody’s going to suffer in comparison to CRMK/Bengus’ work on the characters. Morrigan looks kind of weird…somehow like the american cartoon version.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, the guy is obviously a good artist, but I don’t know if I would have put him on Darkstalkers. Still looking forward to the comic, though.

i just wanted to remind u guys, that mark isnt gonna be doing the pencils for the whole, issue, so if his line art bothers u, its just for the cover and the back up story, the actual art inside is probably done by some other artist, i personally love marks stuff, and wish he would do the whole issue, but i think hes just a guest artist for DS#1

?!?! are you stupid or what?! Im just saying that I dont like that! Im not saying that Mark should imitate anime style :rolleyes:
get it? :clap:

Did my post use a name Zen azazel. Get it?