DarkStalkers Felicia Fightstick

After a Month of Working on and off on this its finally complete

I like it. Did you draw that?

I did not draw the art Personalty i used prothoshop with pictures taken from the Darkstalkers art book and other random sorces

God damn, that Felicia face is just terrible.

Its too bad Felicia’s stock has that borked nose, that’s the only real gripe I have. And sadly, thats pretty much out of your control. (unless you’re a ps badass)

it looks like Felicia got hit with a frying pan…Looney Tunes style. :stuck_out_tongue:

that or shes koookooo for cocoa puffs

Yea after looking at it i can see what your saying but i also see it as shes bad ass in this pic even though its more on the cartoony side you can look at it in a way that she is coming at you shes kicken your ass and shes enjoying it

and i am working on a New Felicia one i went in a whole new direction with this one when i get it mounted on my stick il post a pic

Looks nice, nice artwork.