Darkstalkers help tips/training plz

I suck at fighting games, thats all you need to know basically.

I played fighting games for a long time and I always suck at them, If i could get anyone willing to play vs me and help me give me tips I would greatly appreciate…

For an idea of my noobness. I was 2-9 this morning now im 7-19. I simply cant win and when I do its by luck. I was C+ in SFxT then I started losing every game and I simply couldnt win a single match anymore, so I quit… right now skullgirls and darkstalkers interest me. I havnt really started skullgirls yet and darkstalkers I am in love with, but im horrible, so if anyone could please help me in game on ps3 I’d appreciate it.

PSN : Kumies

My best is bishamon, If i had the skill I would be playing lilith, but I think shes very hard to play and I dont really understand her playstyle.


he is down to help anyone and everyone if you’re willing to put in the work.

I’m down to help you out for sure. Do you have skype by any chance? If so add me on that as well mightymarcurse is the sn.

I bought it the day it came out on PSN but didn’t even install it until I saw a match with MightyMar against Floe earlier today. Really inspiring stuff.

Nonetheless I still can’t rid the feeling of regret not playing it in my younger years.

I’ve been in bouts between playing VSav online and raging from the Jedah and Q-Bee players. Until I know any better, I’m sticking with Victor or Bishamon for now. I thought Anakaris’ floaty jump was going to destroy me but that was my only win for the day. I’m not as terrible as I thought I would be jumping into a sea of masters but I’m holdin’ it down as best I can.

OP, if you want – BULLDOGxCOURAGE on PSN. I’m between jobs at the moment, so you’ll see me online all times of the day.

Low-tier Victor? I admire that.

Is he all that bad? It’s understood he’s not the best but I’m new enough not really to know just how bad he is. His grabs I’ve yet to work in my game, but I’m content with lariat and his dope normals. I’m doing better with Victor than Bishamon though.