Darkstalkers Issue 6 Speculation and Spoiler Thread

First of all nice back up! It’s great to see Bulleta(B.B.Hood), I guess the comic can use Vampire Savior characters in back ups. Nice!

The art is great as usual. I pray when Street Fighter come back the art is as consistent as it’s been in Darkstalkers.

I thought this issue was supposed to mark the end of the end of the first story arc? Just seems like there’s another issue coming right up with Donovan vs. Bishamon and Morrigan vs. Demitri, or is this book’s arcs not dependant on ending with big fights like SF is?

The ‘Belief’ spelling error’s already been pointed out, but the kid talking to Felicia should be saying “all your press clippings too” not “all your press clipping.”

Goodies - I liked Bishamon’s armor telling him he dismissed :rofl: his troops, and I loved the part when he saw the armor in his sword’s reflection when he continued the conversation, very Norman Osborne in the Spider-Man 1 movie, or at least that’s what it reminded me of. Course the armor was actually talking unlike psycho Norm…

Anita shows some off some of her power, lots of cool stuff going on with Felicia and Gallon too. Pyron’s a coming!

I see Morrigan already has her ring, the one she decided to wear in Lilith’s Vampire Savior Ending. And her father has more or less already passed, setting up apart of the storyline for Vampire Savior as well.

Really good issue, can’t wait for the next one. I’m hoping Aulbath(Rikuo in the US) makes an appearance soon. Big fan of his.

I just finished reading this issue and I enjoyed it. Udon is experimenting this time around with an issue that contains no fighting. Most of the book is dialogue and character self reflection with each character finding something important. E.g., Morrigan finds out Belial is dying, Bishamon is struggling to remember murdering a woman, and so on.

Myself and others here, in past posts, have encouraged an issue of this type for SF and although this is not SF, I’m happy to see an issue with emphasis on characterization, which is important for Capcom characters because they lack the long history that exists for mainstream superhero titles like Batman or X-men.

There will be those who will say this issue is boring or something similar. Rest assured the action will return and, in my opinion, with good character development, upcoming fights and challenges will more meaningful and exciting, as the reader gets a clearer picture of what is the motivation behind a conflict.

Is BBHoods story cannon? Thats gotta be the shittiest excuse of a backstory ever. I mean, sure Capcom isnt known for good stories (SF still has the worst plot of all fighting games), but damn!

I think B.B. Hood’s back story was fine.It ties in nicely with the little red riding hood story.

Overall,the issue was nice.I enjoyed how nothing felt rushed and even though no fighting it was still exciting to get to the next page.I hope street fighter follows this path and even if it takes a couple of issues to set up a few fights,that would make the battles a little more crucial and more exciting.Anways,great work,and the Talbain,Felicia pages were top notch.

great issue! BUT MORE MORRIGAN!!! i also noticed an error that no one else seemed to noticed morigan “this seems like a great place to open a portal to the makai, the line between the human world and the makai is always WEAKEST in graveyards”. it should be STRONGER not weakest, as it makes no sense for her to open a portal to another dimension in an area not suitable to be opening portals.

She must mean that the barrier (line) is weak and thus easier to penetrate.

when did this issue come out?

I went to my comic store today and they were out. The dude at the cash register said something about orders being solicited in February and that this was the last Darkstalkers…wtf?


The solicitation did came out end of Feb, it’s solicited for April/May shipping and it shipped out I believe last week on the shelves coz (I admit, our fault) of some production delay.

Issue 6 will be the last issue on the first arc. We are now prepping for the SF relaunch that is going to happen later this year. Then we will get back to DS & RS once we get SF started. Our experience told us that it is better not to take more than you can chew, and give you guys the best stuff that we can offer. And we need a head start to make sure we don’t slip on schedule like before.

It’s a live and learn process everyday!

Well, gotta get my DS fix somewhere else then…

Play the DS game on PSP!

oh god udon, another break! its absolutely amazing your comic company hasn’t headed to hell with the likes of chaos and crossgen., but then again, judging from the poor sales of both streetfighter and Darkstalkers aswell as your numerous other titles your comic company seems to be following there lead.

I think you need to get your research going a little further before commenting. We are only doing Street Fighter and Darkstalkers. There is no other numerous titles as you have stated. Also, UDON does not rely on SF & DS sales to survive. UDON is a creative service house. The SF & DS project is something that we did becoz we love the Capcom properties. I believe everyone here knows this. :bgrin:

I think the rest of us know this.I thought the street fighter and darkstalkers comics were doing well.they sell them by the craploads at the two comic shops I go to.I just hope there is not too many more breaks once they return.I need my udon fix.

Time Stop:

The answer is no. BBhood’s canon back story is far more sinister - she’s just a fucked human who likes to hunt and kill. Nothing about revenge for killed parents.

And SF’s plotting is nowhere near as bad as Samurai Shodown’s…

hmmm than i suppose the trash that is “rival schools” or w/e its called is created by another company named udon? while it is true my facts about how many titles your company is running is wrong, it still doesn’t change the fact that not only are you people consistently late you also take long undeserving breaks. i can gaurantee you that this supposed “rejuventation break” you guys plan on taking will do absolutely NOTHING to ensure both ds and streetfighter come out on time.

A 4 page story in a summer special does not an ongoing title make.

They aren’t consistantly late. Darkstalkers has been maintained a pretty good schedule. They’ve had some rough patches here and there and unlike other companies, they have not only explained why but repeatedly apologized for it. (Capcom Fighting Jam ring any bells?)

Lemme explain to you how this works.
You see, they take a few months off and get around 3-4 issues already completed or very close to completed. When it comes time to relaunch SF, they have issues 1-4 done. Which means by the time issue 1 is released, they’re already working on issue 5. So yes, the break between arcs will greatly help them to keep a monthly schedule.

It’s really clear you not only know nothing about how comic books are made, but also the amount of work that goes into one.

Another case of rabid fanboy forumitus. :rolleyes:

I could not have explained it better myself. :tup:

okay, now let me explain something to you. a “pretty good schedule” is not at all exceptable terms for the publishing of THIS comic book, especially one with such low sales and limited exposure as darkstalkers. if they keep there “pretty goood schedule” up the comic won’t be around much longer and that i can garuntee as i’ve seen it first hand the nyx comic is a good example.if you knew ANYTHING about how comics work you would know that lateness can kill a title and the lateness that has plagued streefighter is UNACCEPTABLE.they have had breaks in the past and NONE of those breaks have ensured that the comic stayed on it’s monthly track infact it’s only gotten worse. as i said before i doubt this break is any different then the others udon has had in the past.and if i’m wrong i will be the first to admit it.

NYX was held up, reportedly by Quesada, and the issues were more than 4-5 months apart. And the only thing that killed that book was Middleton leaving, people still bought it and issue 3 is still going for around 50 bucks on the market.
Try another example.

Lateness can kill a book, but that’s very subjective to who the creative team is and what title they’re on. Battlechasers or Danger Girl ring any bells? How about Astonishing X-Men? Yes, it could hurt indie books, but Street Fighter is popular enough to survive it, not even including them coming back with a new number 1.

The problem Darkstalkers has is underexposure. The same people are still going to buy the book regardless of weither or not it’s a week or 2 late. It’s doing poor because of the small audience, not because issue 4 was a week late or the Joe MAD! powerfoil had printing problems.

Street Fighter had 1 break before this.
I’ll say it again: ONE, UNO, SINGLE etc etc. There are no “breaks” or “others”, there was one.

The reason it was late last year was because of Capcom Fighting Jam, and that still had nothing to do with the break. The fact that issue 7 was oversized and wrapped up the previous story arc is, I believe, the reason they took a break.

What started out as a break this time is turning into a relaunch.
I already explained how that works in my previous post.

OH MY GOSH, how utterly pathetic of u, u realise u got proven wrong and decided to delete my post. atleast be man or whatever you are enough to except defeat.