Darkstalkers Resurrection free in July 2017 for all PS3 owners ( that have PS Plus )


well before rejoicing, remember that if the FGC bought Darkstalkers Resurrection as much or more than the people that bought SFV or RE Remake remaster, we would have gotten Darkstalkers 4 already, you know.

its great its now free to obtain for all ps3 plus plus owners, though Darkstalkers fans would get more support for the series, if the FGC purchased Darkstalkers latest ports as much or more than other fighting games.

Darkstalkers Resurrection includes GGPO and two games. the roster is not definitive like DS3 or saturn versions, but they are still masterpieces. plus with PS3 having free to play online, it is a great priviledge that starting in July, everyone on PS3 can play Darkstalkers Resurrection. ** maybe as thanks, millions will buy Darkstalkers Resurrection on separate accounts, so capcom is convinced to develop Darkstalkers 4** with high production values and stuff.


Yeah, after the state of SFV im glad they didn’t make a new Darkstalkers game.


I am glad that i didn’t buy this one.
Now i can get it for “free”


hey, some people honestly like SFV. and a Darkstalkers 4 is better than no Darkstalkers sequels. Im mean lets be serious, MVC:I is gonna sell quite a bit and a lot are playing it online regardless how below the standards compared its predecessors, it still has some positive things too as well as characters that weren’t in a fighting game before like Carol. even capcom’s meager modern offerings are not completely useless. Street Fighter only got to this point because the FGC strongly supports it, Darkstalkers would get promotions if it surpassed capcoms sales forecasts.


Any other artstyle than GG and DBFZ is a huge missed opportunity if DS4 would ever see the light of day.
I’m already worried how Jedah will look in MvC:I.


hmph. to the Capcom bigwigs, this free offer is probably their way of chuckling at how many cheap bastards that held off on buying the game, actually download it cause it’s free. they are probably placing bets how much times Darkstalkers Resurrection is downloaded when free, compared to when it had a price tag. I think the game bundle underselling, was probably the reason Sven left capcom. he and Ono had confidence the FGC would strongly support Darkstalkers Resurrection and speak with their money, so that Capcom would greenlight Darkstalkers 4, maybe even placed bets with the Capcom bigwigs. but after launch, Sven and Ono were like a laughing stock to the bigwigs. the FGC werent there to prove the pessimist bigwigs wrong.

as a result, the bigwigs were convinced the “so called” Darkstalkers fanbase and FGC that love everything Darkstalkers were all talk.

well 2D sprites are really not that expensive, since even volunteers can produce quality stuff with decent distinct art style that isnt a carbon copy of ASW anime


its really based on the company’s ambition and priorities and talent picks. you know the promotional art of Darkstalkers Resurrection is in fact the most gorgeous art style the franchise has.


yall do realize that the reason Darkstalkers Rev didnt get off the ground is because this is like the 3rd time VSAV was reprinted. its been out on Arcade, PS1, Saturn, Dreamcast, PSP, PS2, and now PS3/360. And every time they came out, people bought and played them. What Darkstalkers players wanted was a new game in the series, not another rehash theyve already played to death. a new game that was NEVER going to come in the first place because Dirty Berret (now Arksys) makes Guilty Gear and other anime games now. And given how things have gone over with Capcoms fighting division, theres little to no reason to believe they would have treated this series any better than Marvel and Street Fighter were done. better to let it die than be bastardized like the others.


Yea fuck that “buy our decade+ old game and maybe we’ll make a new one” bullshit. I don’t need another copy of VSAV I own two already. Give me a new one or fuck off. I dont see why I should spend money on a cheap port that cost them nothing to make but charge a premium for. All they are doing is holding the franchise hostage to try and get you to spend money on their freebie probuct.

Will be snaking my free download tho.


ya’ll are not true Darkstalkers fans then. a Darkstalkers fan would not say no to Darkstalkers Resurrection, no matter what previous editions they got. Darkstalkers Resurrection has GGPO online play on PS3, with multiplayer lobbies, spectating, trophies, and more.

you people are probably are part of the pack that emulated the games on PC, and feel entitled to a Darkstalkers 4.

you complain about decade+ old game, **but look at Ultra SF2 whatever it’s called, street fighter fans even bought a Switch for it,
and that basically is just like the 12th rehash of Street Fighter 2, and remilking of HD Remix version **

and while SFV was a wreck, it still made over a million, and there are core Street Fighter fans that appreciate it.
Street Fighter fans are loyal, while Darkstalker fans, well most of them are deserters, nitpickers, and half hearted fans.

despite the bastardization of Street Fighter series, at least the fanbase speaks with their money, and support the series, so
a new edition/generation of Street Fighter could redeem the series, which is better than being abandoned like Rival Schools.

yea a Darkstalkers 4 is overdue, but Darkstalkers Resurrection is better than its predecessors in some ways and people could actually play together online without resorting to PC emulation, which does not nurture the franchise nor capcom’s interests in doing more for the series.

if Darkstalkers profitted as much or more than Street Fighter (like Resident Evil did), we would have gotten a HD Remix, a Darkstalkers 4, Darkstalkers 5, etc.

so the fans are at least 50% to blame for Darkstalkers current status.

and while Capcom is greedy and cheap at times, it takes a generous company to now give out Darkstalkers Resurrection for free on PS3 (which is still widely owned). They didnt have to, but they did.

If there is one good thing Capcom has done, is, even despite the immature and entitlement penny pinchers in the FGC not contributing to Darkstalkers relevance and funding, they still are now giving Darkstalkers Resurrection for free. ASW wouldn’t be that generous, Namco wouldn’t be that generous, even Tecmo wouldn’t give those two full games for free,

and even now, the FGC still takes Darkstalkers for granted. that is messed up.


Actually we’re just not fucking stupid to keep paying money for shit we already own for the vague hope it will lead to a sequel.


and yet it’s the “stupid” Street Fighter fanbase that kept the SF franchise alive and able to count to 5, which while some of us feel SFV is below the standards and not worth spending money on, it’s loyal crowds ensure the SF legacy continues and can redeem itself with new editions/games instead of obliterated from capcom’s list of series to support.

the industry shows the more profitable a series is, the more its supported (look at Monster Hunter).

how you think Resident Evil made it to this point. yea RE7 is junk, but some fans actually like it, not every sequel/edition is going to be every fan’s liking. maybe RE8 will win more fan approval.

the fact remains that if Darkstalkers were as profitable as Street Fighter and Resident Evil, there would be sequels backed by higher production values and more probabiity of being good new games.

people were fortunate to even get Darkstalkers Resurrection, whereas back then, playing Darkstalkers online on console was a pipe dream.

it’s the spoiled, lame excuses, and entitlement attitude of the masses that are the catalyst to capcom not bothering to try harder.

perhaps they might make a Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers game, since there is a comic series, though majority of FGC generally have proven to be only part time fans of the series,
no true passion and brand loyalty.

look at the Mario and Zelda fanbase, you think if they were as nitpicky as the FGC, those series would have gotten as much sales and positive reception? even with all the rehashes and experimental nonsense, their fanbases were understanding and faithful. same for the Dark Souls series, which some felt Dark Souls II was terrible, others find it to be their favorite, and some double dipped for the SOTFS edition.

some SF fans even lost count how many times they bought a SF2 game since the 16 bit days. and here people think buying Darkstalkers 3 two to three times is “enough”?
there is no a single console Darkstalkers game that features everything that Resurrection features, and it has trophies, and GGPO online play, which FGC whined and demanded for years on console fighting games ever since Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting appeared on Xbox 360 with its ridiculous netcode.

if you have no hope, you have nothing. what’s probable or improbable yet possible, drops to 0% or .1%


This nigglet, lmao


Affinity is right about one thing though-- Anyone that bought SFV is probably stupid.

Also, as an aside, Mario and Zelda games are consistently good to all-time great… It’s pretty obvious why those franchises continue to be beloved and respected.


no its straight fanaticism keeping Mario and Zelda up into extreme levels of hype and support. those series have their highs and lows, with lots of flaws their zealots coveniently overlook. they are fanatically more forgiving and obsessed than even the core SF zealots.

they are only beloved and respected because of the nostalgia phenomenon since the 80s, that’s practically the foundation for their mountains of hype, no matter how samey or mediocre their games really are. look how overrated BOTW is, when it’s not even a 1/10th the game, talent and genius TES III Morrowind is.

now combine the fanaticism of Mario and Zelda, with the Nintendo brand, and anyone can see how overrated nintendo consoles are, even something laughably outdated and obsolete like Switch compared to PS4 and Xbox One, is making ludicruous high numbers out of sheer blind nostalgia. and 3DS platform is another reason why developers like Game Freak are still in the stone age of game resolution and polish. of course Switch is a better platform than 3dS, but nintendo insanely insists in maintaining internal competition between 3dS and Switch, when 3DS was a huge factor to Wii U’s starving library and downfall, and contributing to the apathy of portable developers being cheap with production values.

but regardless of things people agree or disagree with their platform and videogame design decisions, the fact that they have such a strong following, is the reason why they can provide strong support and continuation of those series.

more deserving series like Darkstalkers first requires a persistent strong following before its publisher takes it seriously enough.

why do people think Persona took over Atlus as its flagship brand, when their flagship rpg series was originally Shin Megami Tensei? because a strong following supported Persona, without bickering how their Persona is served. for a time, Resident Evil took over Street Fighter as Capcom’s flagship brand. sales numbers matter, whether its a new game or a port/remaster,
that goes with any series. rarely does a videogame series get a new game if previous editions/games underperform.


See, I tried to see eye to eye with you, then you called BotW “massively overrated”…

You’re on your own, kid.


Stop crying because no one likes your shitty games Affinity. Yea I said it. DS/VSAV sucks balls that’s why it died.


Damn, so many people going full retard in one thread…


It’s an Affinity thread, what else did you expect?


lol, but he’s not even the biggest retard in the thread…


I mean, when you have this many people that still buy Capcpom products in one spot…