Darkstalkers The Night Warriors #1 Discussion Thread


The Darkstalkers comic is back and picks up right where the last issue left off! :clapdos:

Loved seeing Anakaris fight this time around. :cool:

The Q-Bee back up story was hella funny! :rofl: Amazing pencils too! :smile:

Preview for those who haven’t checked the comic out yet -



Heh, didn’t know it was out until I lurked Capcom-unity.

I’ll reread the series then read the new issue.


I wonder if Dee and Adult Anita will appear in this comic.

It would be nice to see Anita actually speaking and what powers she would have had if Capcom decided to put her and Dee in Vampire Savior.


Not much interest shown at these forums…I hope the sales of these comics warrant enough to continue. If not, I guess it’s good they’re able to give darkstalkers a proper ending if they are.


I don’t really buy comics online. However, I must have the darkstalkers comics. what is a good site to order them from?


First 2 links are both covers for the issue that just came out.


TPB that covers the previous series.



thank you sir.