Darkstalkers (Vampire) series appreciation thread

I don’t understand the lack of love for the Darkstalkers series in this forum. Particularly Vampire Savior, which is practically Capcom’s second best 2D fighting game, next to 3rd Strike, although Night Warriors is awesome too. Its a shame it gets neglected, even by Capcom themselves (which chose not to localize the Darkstalkers Anthology for the international market). Once SF IV hits home consoles, I hope Capcom does a Darkstalkers 4.

I mostly played this game casually, rather competitively though and I’m curious to know which are the tiers for each game (Vampire, Hunter, Savior, Hunter 2/Savior 2). I mostly use Hsien-Ko and Lilith, and I heard Donovan is pretty sucky.

Don’t throw your opinions like that around here. I, for one, can’t stand 3rd Strike and consider Vampire Savior an above-average fighter, but nothing spectacular. It’s not exactly Super Turbo.

There’s also a very in-depth strategy thread in the strat forums about VS, so don’t make it sound like there’s no players on SRK, just because the general culmination of players here don’t necessarily agree. This isn’t a Darkstalkers forum.

I love Vampire Savior, but never stand Darkstalker and Night Warriors, Vampire Savior is awesome… is one of the best Capcom fighting games ever and one of the most balanced… yeah, i know that Sasquash is top, but you can still fight with Victor and do something.

If you want some fights, come to 2DF, there are still some good players, when GGPO starts there was a very good Vampire scene (i played a lot with MagnetoManiac and other people there) but not anymore, sadly.

Yeah Darkstalkers we love you!!! Common Capcom gives us Super Vampire Savior HD Remix and Darkstalkers 4

Vampire Saviour is awesome. Got some seriously creative characters and yeah, they’re way underloved…

Bulleta/B.B. Hood is the most creative fighting game character, ever.

The staff of Gamest would disagree with you, considering Vampire Savior was awarded Game of the Year in 1997. And there were plenty of good fighting games that year (2nd Impact, KOF '97, Tekken 3). Personally I find Super Turbo to be a bit overrated (gasp sacrilege).

As for the strategy thread. Sorry. I guess I should’ve lurked more. Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

The original Darkstalkers is too plain, as Capcom was still trying to diverge from the established SF II formula. But Night Warriors is where they got their act together and actually made a unique fighting game that isn’t just Street Fighter with monsters. Vampire Savior is still the better game though.

Empty air chaining is stupid and VS runs too fast for it’s own good.

It’s definitely fun but playing it at high level play? That’s all a matter of opinion. Sometimes I find it a bit braindead and I think it barely requires any execution. Sometimes I think the complete opposite. One thing it definitely is however, is intense and heavily based upon momentum. I’m not even scratching the surface.

Your argument fails on this game.

By the way, since when does “experts” saying something is good mean that the idea is fact? Do you always agree with things just because the majority or someone of authority says so? If that were the case, black people would still be enslaved in this country. Majority rule or “authoritative” rule doesn’t mean an idea is correct.

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You know I love you shatterstar </homo>, and you know I’m right. Just because somebody says something, doesn’t mean that it’s right.

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If you actually read my post, I never said that Tekken 3 was a good game to begin with, just that it was one of the fighting games that came out that year (and Tekken was a very popular franchise back then). I was just illustrating that just because you think the game is above-average and nothing spectacular doesn’t mean that everyone shares your views. After all, you’re the one who spammed this thread with “don’t throw your opinions like that around here” to begin with. Of course its my opinion. Whose opinion would it be?

PS: Feel free to neg rep all the posts I made so far.

By the way, I was only serious. If you look at my post, it was discussing that just because gamest said that it’s a good game doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good game. Obviously, you read as well as you think I do.

I have more important people to spread rep on than you. I didn’t neg you by the way.

I agree with this post.

Mixah is part of THE Fighting Game Community, and he plays competitively, and consistently. Gamest, and whatever website besides several forums like this one, are part of the Media Community, and as a general rule of thumb, don’t know shit about fighting games besides what they formulate between their braindead colleagues, during the time they’re given to spew out a review.

Anyway, I adore this game, but have no knowledge/experience with it. I would play it at SHGL, but I did’t know what I was doing. Too young/stupid, and quickly got addicted/consumed by SF.

<-------- Loves Vs.
Definitely under appreciated. Even at high level play (although sas makes me want to break my stick sometimes hahaha).

At the risk of coming off as a weeaboo, don’t belittle Gamest, guys. They were not a run-of-the-mill video game magazine. They wrote dozens of strategy books in Japan specializing in various fighting games. They even contributed to the Japanese tournament ranks that were featured in the American Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Night Warriors strategy guide. They were not just a bunch of underpaid video game reviewers as some of you might think.

:smiley: lulz!

I’ll take Mixah over anyone. Anyday. That tiny little asian knows shit most people don’t even know exists.