Darkstalkers/Vampire series General Discussion


Great artwork during the credits, very informative, well put together. Utterly depressing though.


The truth can be brutal and depressing. But it can also allow one to accept things. I’ll continue to play Vampire Savior and a lil Night Warriors but I’ve acceptdd that for all intensive purposes Capcom has LONG closed the book on this series. It never did RE or SF numbers, only money makers become long term franchises. That’s just buisness 101.


True though sometimes games that were modest successes like Darkstalkers, which had a big following in Japan but not much popularity internationally, get a long awaited sequel. However in this particular case seeing Capcom announce SFV rather than a sequel to any of their other franchises (Warzard, Rival Schools, Capcom vs SNK, Capcom Allstars, Power Stone) it is clear that unless they get the Marvel license back Street fighter will be it as far as Capcom fighters go.

“The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long” Indeed Darkstalkers was too great and too ambitious to last.


One thing i love about that video is how well it illustrates that 2D fighters are still on their last legs. Hopefully this condition improves.


I think Xrd showed how 2D graphics can live on, the game is so gorgeous I see a ton of other fighting games adopting its technique


Xrd is a fantastic looking game. But I wasn’t talking about the look of the games. I was talk about the fact that the only 2D fighters being made now are sequels to the biggest names in genre from the 90’s. Very few people are willing to risk making new IP’s in this genre because there too afraid that the current fans won’t respond well or they might not be able to attract enough new fans to sell their game. It’s even worse for 3D fighters. This is not a good condition for the genre at all. If the right games miss their sales target by a wide enough margin it may cause developers to lose faith in fighting games as whole.

I don’t think that is the inevitable conclusion; there’s chances for things to change, but the current situation is bad.


I think we all just have to do our part to get our friends into the genre and we need to be welcoming to people who want to play the games. The biggest problem is that a ton of people just dont want to lose a lot when they start to learn these games, or they only play arcade mode and dont know how important training mode is. Also need to not let jerks run off people, but dealing with jerks who are long time players and have “clout” in their area’s fgc is a hard issue, but just be like “hey, lets you and me level up so we kick that jerks ass one day.” That way you make friends and have a set goal to get better :slight_smile:


Nice video overall but only the first half was about Darkstalkers. Second half was about fighting games in general, especially Capcom’s. Should have been 2 separate videos really. Agree with a lot of points, have nothing more to add.

It is not just about losing.
Making someone like Darkstalkers over SF4 or newer and popular fighting games, is like making some prefer top-down Kick Off over Pro Evolusion Soccer. Former are perhaps more fun and hard to learn and are still played even at international tournament level, but they stand no chance when it comes to marketing.


I think since Capcom cant make another Marvel game and they want to make another fighting game then Darkstalkers would be the only real choice. So if Ono and others who work on SF werent involved or at least they got most of the original DS team back then it would be a good alternative to SF as long as it didnt play like SF.


I doubt they could reassemble even half the original Darkstalkers team. Also if they were to do another game like MVC I think Capcom allstars would be it. Frankly this isn’t the golden age where Capcom was gung ho on fighting games. They seem to see fighting games as the niche genre it is. So I expect them in regards to fighters, to focus on Street Fighter only.


I agree that if there was a non street fighter fighting game Capcom would make in the future, it would most likely be Capcom All stars. That way you can appeal to the fans of all their other fighting game franchises rather than one. You can also have a good deal of street fighters to bring in people who only like that game.


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Just hope an All Stars game is better handled than CFJ/E.

Hey wouldnt it be cool if the characters that had 8bit games have Old selves (like st) where its the 8bit graphics are their models and they have 8bit music? Just a random thought for that game if it were to be made.


I’m sure if they give a damn they’d make All Stars better than CFJ. CFJ was basically a rush job that was just salvaging the scraped Capcom All Stars from the early 2000’s. Capcom gave no fucks when making that game and it showed.


So is fightcade now where people play Vampire savior? Not ggpo?




GGPO has been down for a while now, so we’re holding them on FightCade for the moment. Unless GGPO fixes several things when it comes back we’ll probably have to continue to hold them on FightCade as well.


I think Fightcade is here to stay. You dont have to worry about port forwarding to get it set up, so its a lot more beginner/user friendly.


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lol ya, that is basically what I was getting at. That stuff needs to get implemented if we’re going to use GGPO again, plus some other things. Not really expecting that to happen though.


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