Darkstalkers/Vampire series General Discussion


Darkstalkers is not dead.


Do you see me on threads about your fav fighter talking shit? No so fuck off with that non sense.


he has a point since most of the DS cast are dead anyway (bishamon, lei lei and her sis, zabel, demitri, anakaris, victor and emily etc)


I see what ya did there.


I prefer the term “ascended living”, thank you.


Devil’s PlayGround 4 Finals, Japanese VSAV tournament, is tonight! Throughout the month there have been qualifiers to find the best of the best Vampire Savior players, selecting 8 of them in the end to fight it out in an 8-man bracket to decide the best.

The event starts tonight at 10pm PDT / 1am EDT with a last chance qualifier to select the final two spots. Two hours after that the Final 8 tournament is scheduled. I believe they’re doing a Double Elimination, 2 out of 3 bracket for the finals, but I could be wrong.

1 - Kaji (Lilith)
2 - Sakamoto (Q-Bee)
3 - Nakanishi (Bishamon)
4 - Sakai (Zabel)
5 - Komemaru (Zabel)
6 - Buzz (Gallon)
7 - ???
8 - ???

Full Details: http://rotanibor.blogspot.com/2015/04/devils-playground-4-finals.html

Stream: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv218525228
(Primary Stream)

Mirror: http://www.twitch.tv/ROTANIBOR
(The above link is just a mirror/re-stream of the nicovideo stream. It will be somewhat delayed behind the primary stream. This stream is for those outside of Japan who have trouble viewing nicovideo.)




Vampire Hunter 3on3 Team Battle will be streaming about 6 hours from now. 81 people are signed up!

It’s great to see Hunter gaining more steam, some Savior players have even been giving it a shot and showing up for tournaments. Shout outs to TKO for all his work promoting this game!


Wow that’s petty cool. Hey long time no speak buddy, how have you been? Hey you think you cn link me hat Felicia pic you drew? Time for a new profile pic and I wanted to use that if that’s cool?


Which Felicia pic? The “Will fight for new game” one?


Yeah that one. It’s cute, yet sad.


Here you go. About 3 hours and 15 minutes until the tournament starts.


Thanks a lot. Sadly I can’t watch the stream. I have work in the morning. Gotta be up by 5 and I needs my sleep. But seeng ashow Hunter is still played I might have to study up and get back into it


Should be starting any minute now. If by any chance it isn’t on the link I posted earlier, then it will be here: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv220088566 You’ll need a Nicovideo account, though.


Darkstalkers Ressurection Open lobby for both Darkstalkers 3/Vampire Savior and Night Wariors/ Vampire Hunter, Starting Monday May 18th

Mon-Thurs 7pm m - 9pm

Friday 7pm - 11pm

Saturday 12pm - 4p

Sunday lol fuck that I’ll be sleep most of the day.

This is for PSN players and all times are eastern american times( If there’s enough intrest I’ll Look into a 360 for Xbox players)

The time will be split evenly for both games. Vampire Savior/Darkstalkers 3 1st then Vampire Hunter/Night Warriors. You can either look for the open lobby in player match during the time that is scheduled, or add me as a friend on PSN and i’ll invite you at the start time. PSN Bigblackraccoon.


Happy to see more people playing Hunter. Hope more people continue to keep playing it. Pyron was the shiz in that game


its shame how Hunter gets little attention but I can see why people play Savior over it. Saviors is whole new experince. Hunter is simply an improve on the ssf2 formula. ( thought that make it great in its own right)


Yep hit the nail on the head with that. I heard before Savior, Darkstalkers was referred to as “Street Fighter Halloween edition” Or “Street Fighter with monsters”. Savior is the game that separated the series from Street Fighter. But I still enjoy some hunter though.


I feel like while Hunter is similar to SF2 it does many things different as well. In particular the entire Vampire series is way faster paced than the entire SF series. But nah There are some great games that came from the SF2 series, I mean we got Xmen CotA, Vampire Nigh Warrior, and of course every other game it inspired so, I don’t think its a bad thing to say hunter is an improved SF2.


Night Warriors or Savior on PS3 add me mrhadoken01. Also have STHDR,3rd Strike, MVC Origins,MVC2,and more. I grew up in that era and still own a modded Saturn to play CPS2 and SNK fighters today