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I’ll join the lobby for Vampire Savior soon… I need a lot more practice lol


Just a reminder fror anyone interested. Tomorrow the daily open lobbies will begin. I don’t know if the turnout will be large or not. But just in case I’ll have a buddy of mine host a second lobby.


Open lobby will begin within the next two hours. Also instead of splitting the games each night. Each game will have it’s own night. Mon,Wed and Fri is Savior and Tues Thurs and Sat is Hunter.


Open lobby for Savior on PSN begin’s within he hour


http://www.twitch.tv/ROTANIBOR is live on location at Ultimate Gaming Center with Vampire Savior tournament #29! Come check out SoCal VSAV!


Video review by ElGamerCosplayer


This youtube post I saw gave me a thought. Do ya think Dark Forces have the potential to be a more core mechanic in the series if it were developed further? Like some Dark Forces that changed the way characters play are really cool and could add more to the game. For example BB Hood’s and Raptor’s. Unlike most other dark forces which give a buff, these completely change the properties of the character’s attacks. Like after activating Dark Force BB Hood goes from a balanced rushdown character to full on zoning. And Raptor, goes from relentless rushdown, to having pokes like Elena in USF4. But due to how gimmicky or ineffective most of them are, Dark Force is merely a defensive tool used for the invincible start up to get out of specific situations.

But I think Dark Forces could really be a core mechanic that the series could build on if Dark Forces were better designed to be more useful, and they changed up the character’s play style, or maybe you could have multiple Dark Forces and select one or two to use before the match.


Someone pointed this out in the SFV thread, that they are implementing ideas that were likely intended for Darkstalkers 4.


could u provide a link to the discussion?


It’s somewhere in the recent pages of the general discussion thread. Just with the whole V system. Chun Li’s morriganesque V skill, or Bison getting Demitri style teleport dashes as one of his v moves.


How do I download Vampire Savior for fightcade? Also I’m on a laptop. Does that matter? And is there a way I can use a game controller or a stick to play. Playing on Keyboard doesn’t sound fun.


you need to find the proper ROM sets. for Vampire Savior it is vsav.zip (97015 Euro revision)
for a list of supported games and their ROM versions (no download links) visit their page


games on Finalburn emulator can run even on 15 year old hardware, so a laptop will not have any issues
you can use any controller of your preference!


Played this game for the first time ever yesterday, and holy crap, what a game. Nobody really had any idea how to utilize the more advanced techniques in the game, so it was obviously kind of a newbiefest, but oh my god how much fun it was. Even without short-hops or anything like that, the game pace was so good, and despite being known as a very technical game, the learning curve seemed perfect. Too bad few people here play it, because this might already be my favorite fighter alongside 3S.

And, random sidenote: my Sasquatch went on a 28 game winstreak against the guy who had actually played the game before and was supposed to know what he was doing. =>


@Naeras Yo I play on PSN gamertag Bigblackraccoon. Hit me up sometime so we can play. Also Sasquatch is arguably the best character in the game along with Raptor, so…take that into consideration lol. But a veteran that knows what he’s doing still shouldn’t get wrecked by a noob regardless of character so FRAUD DETECTED!


Sadly I don’t have a PS3. If you have fightcade I’ll gladly play some games there, though. =)

Not as much “veteran” as “he played it some years ago and (supposedly) placed decently in a local tournament”, but still the only one who had ever played VSav before.

Yeah, well, he’s best known for playing SF4 T.Hawk online D:


Damn. I’ll try to see if I can download it but it’s so confusing. so much shit you gotta do. So many other websites you have to go to. Someone needs to streamline this process. :confused:


Just sign up and download Fightcade on their site, get the vsav rom and in Fightcade locate the rom in the directory, map your arcade sticks buttons and that’s pretty much it.
Check this site to set some other stuff like input delay on 1, sometimes 2 if the person you’re playing has really high ping.


I need to get in on learning Vsav. Always loved that game but never got passed the masher level of play. I think i was working last few lobbies you ran


I never ran no lobbies on Fightcade. Or were you talking to someone else?

Can you use a controller other than a stick? And how? I sthere some kind of adapter you have to buy o use it on a laptop?


Can use anything that you can normally use on a PC/laptop, I can use my arcade sticks or PS3 controller(with the proper drivers)