Darkstalkers/Vampire series General Discussion


I could have sworn you ran a few on psn, that’s what i meant


Oh OK. So people from here actually showed up for those. Wow I feel pretty good now. Those nights weren’t a complete waste lol :). Maybe I should do them again.


So what is considered the best vampire game of the series? Kind like how people say Alpha 2 is the best of the series.


Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire (alternatively called Darkstalkers 3)


Well Vampire Savior/Darkstalkers 3 is the most played and more prefer it so yeah, but a notable amount of Darkstalker fans do prefer (edit) Hunter. Well in japan at least.


If you like watching vsav this guy streams Fightcade, his own CPS2 and Japanese tournaments pretty often. I think he also brings his equipment to EVO and other tournaments.


a game that’s highly overrated for being greatly underrated irony aside i yearn to one day play with and updated JT and Jedah soon.


That’ll never happen. The series is done. There’s no intrest in it outside of the few dedicated players. And you yourself just said the series is highly overrated. So why have any hopes for updated looks to the characters?


He said overrated for being underrated, meaning people exaggerate how much Darkstalkers is underrated. Anyways the series is indeed done. Vampire Savior is IMO the greatest fighting game ever made, and series personally speaks to me so much more than any other. (Huge fan of horror, classic monsters, mythology, the night). However Capcom isn’t going to take that risk. For fighting games they are going to stick with Street fighter and Marvel, guaranteed big money makers.


Marvel’s done too. They lost the license for the characters. Maybe if they get back on their feet financially I’m sure they’ll reacquire the license because just about anything with the Marvel brand on it is a sure money maker now if it wasn’t already. Or if they do pursue a different vs title maybe they’ll try their hand at another Capcom Allstars. Or possibly Nintendo vs Capcom seeing as how Capcom has quite the presence in smash now with two reps.


Its a good thing that Vampire is over. Really I don’t think we could count on Capcom to understand and maintain the import part of playing Vampire Savior. That’s just not something they’ve shown they can do yet.


It’s also worth noting that Savior and Hunter have wildly different pacing. There’s no way to satisfy the entire Vampire community, which is what they will need to guarantee even a small budget for the game.


There really isn’t much of a community to begin with so it really doesn’t matter which direction they go if a new game were to be made IMO. Honestly they could take the series in a whole new direction entirely if they wanted to. Would it alienate most OG fans? Sure, but again the community is so small to begin with, and compared to the potential amount of new fans and sales going in a new direction could generate. It would definitely be worth considering should a new entry in the series ever be made.

Darkstalkers isn’t a series with a large fan base and following like say DMC, were even so much as changing the main character’s look pissed its many fans off thus hurting sales. Darkstalkers is in a position were due to its very small fan base can afford to do something completely different.


There isn’t much of a community here, but Japan has a strong one. It was a huge hit over there, and continues to have a strong scene to this day.

So I don’t think you can just abandon everything Darkstalkers is about if a new one were to be made. However besides that, considering how unique and masterful Vampire Savior was…why would u want to?


Exactly. Capcom couldn’t possibly recreate or continue what Vampire Savior did. So if they wanted to make a new game in the series just go on and shake things up.



Darkstalkers is the third game Mori’s talking about. Kappa


Who’s Mori?


Yo anyone feel like playing Vsav on PSN? I’m on now.