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This is what’s up.


Savior. Which I still personally consider the best fighting game ever made.


Holy ressurected thread! Welp since peeps are posting in this thread for whatever reason. Anyone feel like playing some Savior on PSN, or fightcade if you don’t mind walking me through how to set it up?


anyone know an easy way to pushblock on keyboard 100%, apparently you have to press 6 buttons very quickly and idk how that’s possible on keyboard but they must have been able to do it in the arcade considering the button setup is similar?


Yeah if anyone has/finds a guide to setting up Fightcade I’d be much obliged


Why do you need a guide? All you gotta do is download fightcade, then fighting game Roms. Create a folder on your computer entitled Roms then put the Roms in there. Then in fightcade in settings make sure the rom directory is set to that folder with the Roms in it. Fightcade has a list of compatible games on the side. Click the one you have a rom for then you’ll enter the lobby for that game. Then you challenge players by clicking on their name (a clock next to their name indicates they are AFK). If you want to play vs cpu just type in /play and hit enter and it’ll bring the game up. To map inputs click or right click the game window and go to GAME > map game inputs. Make sure you plug in your controller before opening up the game though


That wouldn’t necessarily convince them. They are hoping SF can carry them.


I don’t think they’ve given up on non-SF fighters just yet. Capcom has implemented the “Capcom Fighters Network” for SFV, and the name leads me to think they will reuse the system for another fighting game, though what is anyone’s guess.


If it was that easy we wouldn’t be asking for help. You talking about roms and shit like I’m suppose to know what any of that is. Like can’t someone just post a link with a step by step instruction for getting games through fightcade? Like here you have two people eager to play some Savior. All you gotta do is guide us trough setting up fightcade.

Your first mistake. Playing on Keyboard. Get an adapter so you can plug in a controller or fightstick bruh. You’re gonna be damaging your keyboard with that.


but i did just give you step by step instructions. a ROM is simply the game in digital format.

I’ll tell you the instructions again.

1.) download the fightcade application https://fightcade.com/#download

2.) download the roms of the game you want. All fightcade roms can be found here: https://mega.nz/#F!EoJjwSLB!Tukuk9bZAa7YXXxKNVHorw. since you want to play vampire savior, scroll down and download the rom “vsav.zip”. the zip is simply what format of file the rom is in. it actually needs to stay in .zip format, so dont open the rom once it is done downloading. you can also just google the rom you want, such as googling “vampire savior rom” etc.

3.) create an empty folder on your computer and entitle it “roms”

4.) in your finder, find the rom you downloaded. keep it in zip format and move the rom to the empty folder of step 3.

5.) open fightcade, and go to settings at the top. click “locate ROMs folder” and then locate the folder from step 3

6.) plug in your controller

7.) now you should be able to play. go to vampire savior on the menu on the left hand side. enter it. if you want to play a player, click on their name to send a challenge. if you want to play cpu, enter “/play” into the chat box and hit enter. i recommend you do this first so you can map your controls before challenging a player.

8.) once the game menu pops up, click on it and select GAME then scroll down to map game inputs and do so. dont forget to map “coin”, because it is basically the same as putting quarters into a virtual arcade machine and gives you credits.

9.) click on the game menu again and click MISC then scroll down and click “save input mapping now”

if you have problems ill be in the vampire savior game lobby for a bit


Thank you sir. I’ll try it.


Lemme know if you got it to work or not


Which platform is the ROM supposed to be for?


See my last post, step 2 and click on the link and scroll down to vsav.zip

That’s the correct rom


also check these options when you launch finalburn

Select blitter->Enhanced (Direct3D 7)
Blitter options->(marked only)Advanced settings->Force 16-bit emulation and Use DirectX texture management
Stretch->Correct aspect ratio
Gamma correction settings->Use video hardware exclusively
Monitor properties->Widescreen CRT aspect ratio(16:9)
Rotate vertically aligned games, Force 60Hz refresh rate and Preview blitter options marked.
Other video settings are disabled.

in case there are still issues:

If youre lagging on fight cade go to select blitter turn the blitter to basic under softFX and the blitter options to no effects go to misc turn the priority to high. Turn off auto frame skips. Reduce window size. Run the game in compatibility with windows xp service pack 3. Run as admin. Do the same for ggpofba.exe file Should do it. If its still lagging you need a faster pc. Anything below 130ms should be fine.

If its not saving go to misc go down to the 3rd to bottom bracket and click save settings to .ini now


Alright, I got it now. Thanks!


Saw this posted in another thread: http://art-eater.com/2010/07/test-1-darkstalkers/


Not to be a dick, but that article is old news.


Oldie but goodie, nevertheless.


Well, I didn’t find out about it until today. Maybe others are in the same place.