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thats why he said not to be a dick :peace:

it is an awesome read… in addition to darkstalkers have really technically sound animation, pushed the boundaries for originality and boldness. those anims are weird as fuck in the best ways. too bad that a lot gets lost in the game speed, however



This. You see the animations much better in Vampire Hunter due to its slower pace. For example it wasn’t until I took a break from Savior and tried hunter that I noticed things such as. Talbain shorts being burned off making him butt naked or Morrigan going balled during fire damage animations.

Like a lot of the animations are stuff you’d see in Looney Toons. Like one of my favs. BB Hood’s Apple for u EX Grab. I swear that shit plays out just like a classic Looney Toons sketch where Bugs be like “hold this doc” And the other looks at it confused until boom right in their face lol.

I honestly think that should be Darkstalkers main schtick. That Looney toon esque slap stick damage animation


Wow, I just found out that the PSP version of Darkstalkers became a pretty big seller. It’s now part of the PSP Essentials line, which is the Platinum version for PSP games


When the hell that happen? And isn’t PSP dead?


HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE!!! Fucking Street Fighter Vs Darkstalkers comic coming out in December!


Please mean something Please mean something Please mean something


Intersted in holding an online tourney with a prize of probably 40$ worth of any steam games you want. If i can at least get 24 people it’d definitely sway me. Who jere would be interested

On fightcade


I’m a dumbass that can’t set up fightcade. But I’ll defintely join once I learn how to do it, and what controler I need to be able to play on my laptop


welp you’re the only person so looks like it won’t be happening lol.

Just got to play night warrior today. This is such a different game. It feels like it should be similar but the speed changes so much. No wonder this game was played decently even when VS came out. Feeling like alpha 2 alpha 3 difference here.


Well try the peeps over at the Vampire Savior community on Facebook. That’s the most active Darkstalkers group. And yeah Night Warriors is still worth playing even with savior around. They’re different enough that they’re almost different games entirely.


They don’t have the marvel license, so perhaps a big team battle game Darkstalkers vs Street fighter!


Playing Savior alone in the Fightcade lobby to shake the rust off. God I love this game, especially Anakaris. I forgot how much damn fun this character really is.


in a realistic and canon authentic expression of that crossover war, Darkstalkers would massacre everyone in street fighter. **

heck, Demitri alone could just perfectly seduce all the women and transform all the men into women and marry them all as his beautiful wives, having sex and making babies for all eternity.


I think Street Fighter’s upper tiers can hang with some of the Soldier class Darkstalkers like Talbain, Rukio and Sas…


Ingrid is the only contender to stand against the stronger Darkstalkers.

Blanka and Felicia are also equal.
With the silliness of the recent SFV story mode, one would believe Zangief could be able to stand against Victor.
Basically, every SF character needs to have an Evil Ryu equivalent to stand a chance against Dark Force. Even so, this would not guarantee they’d return to their sanity, except maybe Oro and Dhalsim.

Darkstalkers all sold their souls to hell. Gouki would be the only one to feel right at home.


Lower class like Felicia and Q-Bee of course The Street Fighter’s can handle her if not flat out stomp lower classes like them.

As for Gief hanging with Victor. I don’t see it. maybe in terms of raw power. But there’s only so much muscle can make you durable against. And I don’t think muscle will allow him to endure electrical shock from what is basically a living electrical powerplant.

Are Darkforce abilties actually cannon?

And the only Darkstalker that sold their soul for power is Lord Raptor. The rest were born Darkstalkers and some are peaceful I.E Felicia, Talbain etc. With characters like BB Hood showing that humans can be even more demonic and blood thristy than them.


Depends on the character lore, something impossible to implement ingame. Eg Talbain and Felicia would be far more powerful during a full moon, Morrigan and Lilith would be stronger when close to each other, Victor could draw lighting during a stormy day, Bishamon would prefer unholy places etc


A differing perspective on Bulleta’s bipolar nature: The Faustian Bargain.

Basis of theory sparked by “Darkstalkers Graphic File, pg. 142”
– That Bulleta is in a mutual pact with a dark spirit to destroy all Darkstalkers --**
– That the pact is between the soul of a young girl and the soul within the dog Harry –

**[ Harry’s Loyalty: **
A dogs bond with its owner is truly a wondrous sight to behold, but even that common bond is put into question when subject to the constant monotony of deafening gun shots and explosives, as well as the mental dervish in dealing with an owner possessing a severe bipolar disorder?

**[ Shared pain: **
Pain and grief is shared instantaneously between Harry and Bulleta. Leading one to believe the possibility that the two share a bond that surpasses what is presented at face value.

**[ Pact motive: **
The reason for the pact is a culmination of family circumstance, Darkstalker impendence and the onset of war tends to discredit the merits of hope. (Assuming that Grandma Margaret is B.B.'s adoptive parent and professional dark hunter) It’s easy to see a situation where a young trainee dark hunter would be vulnerable to a promise of power and security.
*War and Agony: Theme and Stage


[ Soul Overlap /Corruption: **
There are several cases where the two personalities synchronize instead of the usual polarity switch. Suggesting that there are two separate entities instead of two side of the same coin. Despite their differences, they appear to have a symbiotic relationship: One is granted security, the other a workable vessel and lastly a means for revenge. The two have begun to rub off on each other, which smudges the divide between the two.

*Personality slip

Similar slip with an interjection from Harry

Due to the obscure nature of Bulleta’s back story this will be nothing more than a plausible theory. Just who or what is the source of this girl’s dark heart?

DarkStalkers are Not Dead.


As a die hard Bulleta fan this is interesting. But I could’ve sworn according to Capcom. BB is from somewhere in Northern Europe. And that woman that appears in “beautiful Memory” Is her grandmother who was killed by a Werewolf Darkstalker. Hence her hatred for Jon Talbain and rivalry with him. She despises Werewolves more so than any other Darkstalker. What would be cool to see is Capcom touch more on the whole Darkhunter profession underworld, and that Darkhunter hunting event.


So my man Anakaris was actually a favorite of the dev team, which explains why he made it into MvC2 and CFE over Jon Talbain.