Darkstalkers/Vampire series General Discussion


With the Nesica dumps, you can finally play a 100%, arcade authentic version of Vampire Savior on PC. Same for Third Strike and SFA3

I wonder why Capcom didnt port those versions to consoles. You can even apply filters with Reshade.
Because console versions still have minor issues


The Nesica 3S had issues if memory serves? @IglooBob


NESICA 3s has really heavy input delay and no one in Tokyo touches it. No one who plays 3s at a high level would agree that NESICA 3s is better than OE or even PS2.


Has anyone tested the PC dumps of Nesica games to see if there are workarounds for the lag?


Savior is still the greatest fighting game ever made.


I didnt know people could emulate NESiCA now. If so there may be hope for me to play EN-EINS yet.



this time, bad music choice. kinda annoying…


Has anyone thought of how to bring Darkstalkers back as 4th game?

Plus new characters? Since Donovan, who’s not only a hunter & Buddhist, but also a dhampir (half-vampire). I’m picturing for a new hunter to be a a Christian and a cambion (half-demon. But this born from an incubus/succubus). He’d be kind to a few Darkstalkers with good hearts & intentions.

Other creatures I have in mind:

  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
  • Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  • Yokai/oni
  • Ghost/spectre/poltergeist/wraith/banshee
  • Witch/warlock


I would love a priest darkstalkers hunter with guns that shoots holy water bullets and a badass sword, something on the line of that movie “Priest”, a character to be the new darkstalkers hunters as Donovan turned mad. On the beginning of the comics showed that Donovan had some respect/admiration for a priest work, what if guy who trained Donovan was a priest?!