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So Anak’s only saving grace is that he has reasonable offense in a offensive game, okay? I know AlMighty Mar goes hard, but does everyone else in the US? I see Anak and Morrigan win way too much over here? I know I fell the fuck off (I haven’t played FG in months), but now it makes me feel terrible.


A article I feel every Darkstalkers fan should read. I once felt Capcom didn’t deserve the hate they get for Darkstalkers Ressurection and not wanting to make a new game for the series. But this article changed my stance on that.

Key points in this article IMO.

Capcom giving DMC a chance with a re-boot while Darkstalkers got another re-release collection in Ressurection.

Games are 17 and 19 yrs old respectively and it shows with the pixelated sprites. While games like Skullgirls sell for the same price and have better visuals and more content.

Capcom is too complacent and not willing to take risk and just played it too safe with Ressurection.

And yet with all this Ressurection still managed to make Best sellers list albeit just for a month. But that wasn’t good for Capcom. To have had such high expectations for a re-release of almost 20yr old games is absurd.


They should have just created sf4 DS dlc chars to gauge the interest. Like killer instinct if they planned to have it ready by x1 n ps4 launch was the window frame to introduce a new fighter on the new consoles. Instead they gambled on deadrising 3. I dont know how well that sold.


Unlike nietherealm they have not learned to make a great story mode like mortalkombat and injustice and im sure the new mortal kombat. Those games made money off the random casuals who just played the story and then threw it on the shelf and made some want to learn to play.
But sf like mk for story would need to reboot from start.


Devil’s playground 3, which took place this in May, featured many of Japan’s (and therefore the world’s in this case) best players. There were ton of qualifiers all across Japan just to make the main tournament. The finals were full of legends.
Click the link in my sig to watch.


“Boycott Ultra SFIV! Supporting garbage, means you’ll only get more garbage in the future.”

Thats all I got to say about anyone wanting them to make a new Megaman game also when Inafune is making MN9. We should be thanking Capcom for knowiing theyd fuck up a new DS game.

Reading the article I dont care for points he brings up:

“Looks old” No shit! HD tv’s make all non-HD look pixelated. Theyd have to make entirely new sprites in HD for them to look ok.

“No good story mode.” Watch the anime.

“Hard controls!” Practice, practice practice. Fuck sake its all EX moves, no double motions for supers in it.

Then he brings up Skullgirls and 3rd Strike looking better, well DS was on CPS2 and 3rd Strike was on CPS 3 and Skullgirls is an entirely new game. Why would you really compare it to them?

And what does he mean buying the same games over and over? DS was barely released at all in America. And the PS1 ports arent good, and Tower of Chaos or whatever is on a handheld.

This guy does the same BS that most game writers do when treating fighting games like theyre normal video games. If the guy was really a fan hed notice the differences in the arcade version compared to the PS1 ports.


Capcom made a new Mega Man game. DS fans should have known…


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What site has the most recent info for combos and set ups in VSav?


Dustloop forums and Mizuumi wiki would be my guesses.


Komatik’s righti. And thanks for listing them dude.


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Yoshinori Ono: My apologies. We won’t be releasing a new installment in the Darkstalkers series anytime soon. As we didn’t manage to hit our sales targets for Darkstalkers Resurrection… so…

This makes me very sad :frowning:


It makes me happy, as sad as that is. Capcom.getTrust() returns 0.


I’m not surprised by this news at all.

Ono was basically confirming what we already knew. He was likely joking about buying 4 million copies of Darkstalkers Resurrection for a new entry in the series, but it still speaks to the frankly unrealistic expectations Capcom had for this release in terms of sales.

Meanwhile, does anyone want to play some Vampire Savior with me later on tonight? My computer’s being a bitch when it comes to GGPO right now so Xbox Live will have to do.


Nobody wants to play the old Darkstalkers game we already own. We wanted A NEW Darkstalkers. Capcom hustles backwards, and that’s why they’re bleeding money right now.


Capcom has created more incredible game franchises than I can count, but they tend to milk the hell out of very few while ignoring others that could be developed further and be monster money makers. They are milking the hell out of Street fighter, but that is only going to last so long. Smart gaming companies develop multiple properties and continue to develop and promote them through the years to give them many potential sources of revenue. Capcom never seems to learn, and financially it has caught up with them, since they lack the talent they had in the 80s and 90s to innovate and create new franchises.


Hey when I get my PC up and running I’d like to play you sometime. Also as for this news no one should be surprised. Darkstalkers has always been a niche series. But the expectations they had for Ressurection was just…illogical. How can they expect a mere re-release to do anywhere near a million? No new graphics or sprites, no game modes outside of the standard, no new characters, gameplay mechanics, nothing.

I’m probably wrong on this but I get the feeling that due to the success of Street Fighter and Resident Evil, they expect just about anything they make to achieve the same level of success. If it doesn’t then they move on back to RE and Street Fighter. Street Fighter and RE are those rare mega hits. Not every game is gonna pull those numbers. Oh well we still have Savior. But honestly I feel Capcom should just sell the series at this point. They no longer believe in it so why not put it up for sale, and if they get a buyer great. They get money for what they believe to be a non profitable IP and the fans have a shot at a new game. Win win for everyone.


Yes a game where you would complain that isn’t sf4. So you complain and not even support the game that has scene still what would you expect would happen?

Capcom is a business first and foremost, they take little risks first then go all in. If you think this hemorrhaging money then you should look at the failure of SFxTK and RE:ORC, atleast RE6 made profit.