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OK I guess this one went over my head. What’s the joke here?


need money for it to happen!


that’s money BB_Hood’s holding? Always thought it was sheets of paper. Like wanted posters of Darkstalkers she has hunted or something.


No one played the games when they first came out and all capcom did was waste time remaking them. This is actually good news.


She says “Kore dake?! Shiketeru wa ne!” Which is something like “Is that all!? Not a great catch!” So yeah, it’s money. Apparently not enough for her liking, though.

From what I hear, they got a decent amount of play in Japan back when they were new. Hunter is where Daigo first made a name for himself, after all. Poor handling of the series by Capcom led to its popularity falling off fairly rapidly though.

One more thing to add: Vampire Hunter has been among Mikado’s most profitable games at least two months this year. Last month it even beat out Third Strike.


I meant here in the US. No one ever played VS in the 90s, I never saw a crowd of people around the game. In fact, i saw more random VS cabs at rest stops along I-95 than i saw in arcades.


TKO has been pushing that game hard. He was even asking players to sign up for his Hunter tournament at Judgement Day 2.


Yeah, I’ve been reading his Twitter. That guy seriously loves that game.


I wouldn’t be surprised If he donated a few of his boards as well. I know he let them borrow his Muscle Bomber board awhile back for a tournament.


Sounds like a damn good news to me. Someone name the last decent Capcom fighter you’ve played (at least a 6 out of 10)?

Even when SRK asked people what fighters were good, most people said everything but any of the Capcom games. Hell, I don’t think I ever heard a major competitor actually praise SFIV or MVC3. I’ve heard more good things outta SFxT. Sad, but true. If you ask me, the series was spared from a nonsensically gruesome murder. Be damn thankful for that.

It’s actually alot like the Chicago Cubs or Bears.


I have to give AE2012 a score of at least that much. I don’t like the design or the movement but it’s good enough a game. No sense in playing an okay game when there’s half a dozen great ones asking for attention though :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s cause SFXT is a better game than either. Has a lot of problems, but it actually has a real good footsies game.


Where and when was that?


Some article on the front page about a year ago, asking you people a bunch of random fighting game questions.

Turns out, people really liked KOFXIII, Blazblue, and Guilty Gear.


It’s funny how people say this game or that game is really good and never play them.


Sad truth is, compared to other competitive gamin genres, nobody plays anything in the fightin’ game genre. There’s just so much disunity. I mean, Capcom is literally extortin’ Darkstalker fans at this point and the only people who thinks this shit is crazy are people who wanna see a DS4.

I truly think Capcom would fuck up a new Darkstalkers in the worst way but I mean, c’mon, you’re extortin’ these guys. 'Real slimy shit.


For anyone who doesn’t have it, Darkstalkers Resurrection is half off on PSN right now.


I’m running a GGPO Vampire Savior Halloween Eve Tournament again this year! It will be tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 30th @ 8pm PST/11pm EST!

Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/ROTANIBOR

To join, just get on GGPO 30 minutes before the tournament start time and ask to enter.


I bet they play them, but they just cant make it out to tournaments or STREAMED meetups.