Darkstalkers/Vampire series General Discussion


Nice. Looking forward to it. I always enjoy a change of pace, and Darkstalkers is quite entertaining.


About to go live with this in about 15 minutes!


Damn I wish I could participate. But no PC or internet at my home… :frowning:


I found a tournament or at least a bunch of match footage of Daigo and Hirai playing Vampire Hunter. I head Bishamon is broken in that game, but is he the only op character in it? What do long time VS players think of VH? Is there any info on it out there thats good?


Bishamon is currently considered #2 on the VH tier chart, IIRC. Sasquatch edges him out for #1. Most of the top and upper-mid characters do have some pretty broken stuff, but it’s still a solid enough game. There isn’t much good info on VH available in English, at least not that I’ve come across. It’s overall a very different game compared to VS though, like Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 levels of different.


Yeah seems like it, especially since it has rounds haha. These are the videos i found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsTqVKT4gCA&list=PLC29087E0DBEBEBE8


Well I’ve only been playing Vampire Savior and Hunter for about a year now so I don’t really have enough experince to say much on these games. But from what I can tell Hunter is more footsies based and more emphasis on projectiles. Like Street Fighter Turbo. Vampire Savior is momentum based and quick. Like a prototype of Marvel vs Capcom. Gameplay wise I prefer Savior but aesthetics wise I prefer Vampire Hunter. The music, stages, character designs in my opinion were better for the most part.


Got a hold of Darkstalkers Resurrection on the PSN. Such an awesome series…
I’ve been mostly playing Demitri and Felicia within the game. I’m still learning about the other characters as of now though.


You need to join the zombie horde :slight_smile:


Once I get my internet back on maybe we can play sometime. Also don’t play Demertri. Demetri’s Specialty is Keep away and I hate playing Keep away characters. lol jk.


You from Europe?


Nah U.S.A.


Is there a zombie horde? Despite being the best character in the game and supposedly advantaged in every matchup, he isn’t one of the more popular characters.


Well actually Sasquatch is said to be the best. Raptor is top tier, but has a bigger learning curve than Sassy. where as Sas just goes big Crunch into retarded damage which doesn’t require a whole lot of execution. Me myself, I don’t really use Raptor but I like the character. A rockstar zombie that attacks with his rib cage and can turn his limbs into buzzsaws and chainsaws


Sasquatch is definitely easier to learn, however Raptor is considered the best.


His worst matchup is 6-4 in his favor.


Well I guess some tier list are different. Some consider Sassy the best, and there are others that consider Raptor or Q-Bee the best.


Well that is the most recent japanese matchup chart (it is on the wiki and from April 15th of last year). I think the Japanese are head and shoulders above everyone else when it comes to this game so I trust that. Rotanibor also made a chart in July which put Zabel above Sasquatch (both are top tier).

For myself, I love musician characters (not the biggest zombie fan) but the real reason I couldn’t get into him as much as other characters…is he seems to animate really poorly compared to other characters. Just visually it looks like a lot less work was put into him than the other characters.


Zabel’s problem is his difficulty level. His placement would be half theoretical if there weren’t like two people that showed his full potential. Outside of the highest level of play, he has a LOT of trouble with Sasquatch. To win that matchup consistently you need to basically hit him with an unblockable every time on his wakeup, which is possible due to his slow roll. You can aim for an unblockable on Sasquatch’s neutral wake up, and if he rolls you IAD again and unblockable that. This method is extremely hard and I am not particularly good at it myself.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_Rs0k-AIcE < though, being on point to that degree is still not common even for Komemaru.

As far as the US scene is concerned, Sasquatch may as well be the best character until me or another Zabel can beat a high level one consistently.

My main problem is there are somehow not many US Sasquatch players, and ones that are near a Japanese level are non-existent. I’d at least be a lot better at the match up if I could practice unblockabling him in matches more often.


Yeah that’s what i was trying to explain. Zabel in theory may be better than Sassy, but due to his high execution requirements he’s harder to consistently use at a high level. Where as Sas is powerful and is much easier to use which means one can more consistently utilize him at high levels of play. And at high level play consistency is key.


The important distinction is that Zabel IS better than Sasquatch, but the people that can push him to that level though are few in number. It is possible though, which justifies his placement at the top.