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Also Sas can’t AA people with ribs. If AAing people with ribs is allowed, you AA people with ribs.


I really like how fast paced this game really is as well, especially on the behalf of VS. The truth is, I never actually played this up until recent but the both games for VH and VS are hella good as far as I am concerned…


Now that the forum’s finally working again: Vampire Hunter Championship at Mikado will be streaming in about 3 hours from now. 127 players on 14 cabinets, probably one of the biggest events this game has seen in quite some time.


This was a topic of discussion started by Hobgoblin over at Capcom Unity. Now before you dismiss it just give this a chance and read it over. I actually think this could be a good idea. I mean if anyone were to revive the series doing something drastic like this could work.

I had a thought about the Darkstalkers franchise today.

You know… the first games were all made about the same time. Back then, well… there were only so many kinds of games one could make. The market was open for endless 2-D fighting games because… well… there were only about 5 different kinds of games you could make at the time. RPGs, Platformers, Adventure Games, Side-Scrollers and Fighting Games. I guess Sports Games and Simulations too, but those were pretty primitive.

There was no 3-D… or at least if it was, it was basic. But now, there is quite a lot more variation that is possible. And so, 1-on-1 fighters have really lost their foothold. They still do well, the local game center where I live is full of them.

But you know what is bigger?
Gundam vs. Gundam and Dragon Ball Z: Battle for Z.

Capcom… really doesn’t have a competing game to these. Now, half the popularity of these games are the franchises they are linked to, but the game mechancis themselves are pretty straight forward and solid.

Basically one “locks onto” an oppenet-- typically you have 2 or 3 opponents in a match. From there using a joystick you can move in literally every direction around an arena which is filled with various terrain that one can hide behind or destroy.

The game requires only a few buttons. A Jump/Dash button that allows one to jump up if pressed when not holding a direction or dash in a direction if it is pressed when a direction is held.

Then two attack buttons. Perhaps 1 is melee and the other one is ranged (although some characters are completely melee). Depending on where the character is – whether in the air or on the ground, whether dashing or standing still, the exact effect can change. Once an enemy is hit, hitting the same attack button (particularly for melee attacks) can chain into short combos.

Once you have been hit up into the air, you can use the jump button to recover in mid-air-- although this can be a mistake if the enemy is prepared to continue an attack. Otherwise you become invincible, fall to the ground for a few second and then get up with a few seconds of invincibility that breaks as soon as you try to attack.

In both games pressing two or all three buttons together can have different effects, typically larger ranged attacks or summoning allies to help you by attacking the enemy. The bigger, more damaging or more vulnerably your attack makes the enemy upon hitting, the longer the initialization or recovery time-- and even gigantic beam attacks can be dodged due to the speed of the characters.

In the Dragonball game you can charge up an energy meter that you deplete via ranged attacks. In the Gundam one, each of your attacks besides the melee ones can only be done a set number of times before you have to wait for the to recharge.

Also noteable, in the Gundam game not all characters are of the same tier-- some are weaker and thus allowed to die more often before losing the match.

Anyway, you can look up the game footage of these online if you are interested.

It seems to me that in order not to compete with the Street Fighter games, using the DarkStalkers characters in such a game might be very interesting. In fact, they might very well be MORE suited to that kind of system than a 2-D fighter since it will allow their attacks to really be monsterous. Instead of a big attack filling up the whole screen, it will just fill up space on the level that the enemy can still dodge around instead of blocking. And the stages themselves can really be interesting filled with various obstacles and creepy terrain instead of flat obstacles.

These kind of games allow for a MASSIVE rosters which means they could easily double the existing cast and still have plenty of room for growth. I am sure there are tons of ideas that could really take advantage of the new 3-D environment.

Now, of course, I know some would reject this on the basis that it is a radical departure from their last game… But given it is has been 15 years, it might be worth trying something radically different.

Now, of course there could be a drawback in that if the characters are still going to have a story, some adjustments to the formula will be necessary. Perhaps a special story mode that would be different from the standard arcade mode where stages depend on your character.

Look-- it was beyond silly to release a 15-year old game that everyone who liked already had 4 copies of on other systems, has played to death, was less advanced than the last version released and had only the special feature of “make your screen look crappier” and then use that as a measuring stick for the future of the characters.

But, at the same time-- I also see no reason for them to try to compete with Street Fighter in the niche that Street Fighter owns. Anything doable with them in that format may as well be done in Street Fighter if it is worth doing at all. That’s why I feel moving to a different game style using the old characters is probably the best option.


There are a few things terribly wrong with the post.

  1. There were more categories than listed. Shmups, FPS (yup already around), puzzle games, dungeon crawlers, stealth, strategy, beat em ups, etc. By the time vampire savior was released in 1997 most current video game genres had already been invented. The market was open for 2d fighting games, cause SF2 took the world by storm and many wanted to cash in. Just like despite all the genres of today you have a million FPS cause halo and call of duty took the world by storm. Pretty simple.

  2. Gundam and dragon ball z games sell…cause they are based on megapopular media franchises. It isn’t the gameplay, I would be hesitant to even call those games true fighters…arena fighters? Sure the games look good, but they are very simplistic in that the casts are huge, but many characters have exact copies in terms of moves and then a few special attacks. A darkstalkers game made this way would not draw an audience.

  3. There are other 2d fighters (or at least in a 2d plane) co existing with SF4. KOF xiii, Skullgirls, Under night rebirth, UMVC3, BB CP, GG Xrd, etc. Don’t understand this reasoning at all.


I think they did already well with Super Puzzle Fighter, since they made Darkstalkers characters popular to non-FG gamers and female gamers as well.
Much better than creating Pachinko slots or MMO with FG characters.


BB, that was quite honestly the most cancerous thing I’ve ever read. It is the video game equivalent to making a cheeseburger by putting all the ingredients into a blender and serving the resulting fluid as if it were a real cheeseburger. Simply reusing the Darkstalkers franchise over a completely different gameplay system will please nobody. What you are suggesting, however, would make a very interesting Power Stone reboot.

I hope Xrd, MKX, and Tekken 7 all do well so Capcom sees there is most definitely a market for fighting games in 2015.


Uh sir. This is not my suggestion at all. I clearly stated who did originally write this. If you feel brave enough you can go on Capcom unity to confirm this. Now having read it over and being much more awake. ( I originally read this around 2am because I couldn’t sleep) I see now that I was out of my damn mind agreeing with him on this. Blufang pretty much summed up why that shit is foolish.


A damn hour-long documentary as a retrospective of the Darkstalkers franchise:


I actually sat through the whole thing because it was that damn good and informative. That dude really did his research. And using the character animations and phrases to emphasise points was a nice hallarious touch.


the last half hour was intolerable to me. He went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long explaining why another game wouldnt get made.


I see your point. It does seem he got off topic at some parts but I think it all tied in together to explain why Darkstalkers (among other fighters ) just didn’t catch on here in the U.S and why Darkstalkers doesn’t have a good chance of being revived.


yeah its depressing so why the fuck would he want to devote more time to that than why the game was good? is he even good at the game? does he know much about its gameplay? when he said that the gameplay in vs was a little too hard for people to pick up immediately and be good at it it tells me he liked the graphics and pressing buttons in the game but didnt get deep into it.


Well what he said was that the speed of the game specifically is what makes it harder to get into. Which is understandable. When I was first learning Savior playing against other noobs, it didn’t really seem hard like people made it out to be. But when I started facing decent players, they pretty much sped the game up to a point I could barely handle. Wasn’t like SF or MK where you had more time to think and play footsies. In Savior it’s almost constant rushdown where you have to think on the fly and react quickly. Those who aren’t use to such a fast pace will likely feel overwhelmed.


Well just play it more and get used to the speed.


@OrochiDemon That is the best solution, but the speed of the game does overwhelm a lot of new comers. There’s no denying that. UMVC3 is even faster but it has Marvel characters in it and a lot of casuals try it on that alone. Darkstalkers doesn’t have the luxury of brand recognition, so when new players get frustrated they’ll quit Vampire Savior sooner than a fighter with their favorite comic book hereos and villians.


You cant just sacrifice an entire vision because some people who werent even gonna play your game says “i dont like the speed or how the characters look.” Thats why so much bland shit is made by companies nowadays when they have a big budget for games. If DS4 were made by Ono and them today itd just be SF4 with more chain combos and one motion supers. That shouldnt happen and hopefully it wont happen. Theres also a speed setting in the arcade version if people just HAVE TO have it be slower.

If Capcom really wanted to resurrect DS then they would have made a new game. By saying “well, this game is old and weird and people didnt like it decades ago, but if you buy this old game we MAYBE MAYBE may make a new one.” they made casuals believe it wasnt worth investing money or time into so thats why they didnt buy it.


@OrochiDemon Hey man I ain’t say to change the game completely. If anything I want the mechanics and gameplay of Savior to be even more refined and expanded upon in a future release. I’m just saying new players tend to feel overwhelmed by faster paced fighters. Hence why more slower user friendly fighters like Smash, and some 3D fighters sell so well. And yeah I think most are in agreement there. If Darkstalkers was going to be revived it would’ve happened already.


The most popular smash game is melee and its one of the faster fgs around at mid and high level play.


Actually Brawl is the highest selling game in the series and is still played. Melee is definitely most popular amongst competitive Smashers, but Brawl is most popular in general.