Darkstalkers: Year of Hell


Select screen progress for Darkstalkers: Year of Hell game I’m hammering away on. And yeah, it’s a full closed game, and the portraits are placeholder for the actual characters (the. This stuff is being made exact which means it doesn’t work with global mugen, but that offers some greater freedoms in terms of finer details and shit.

The system is being made to match Vampire Savior’s 99%, including pushback, falling, mobility, turning and all that good jazz. Which mind you in a closed game isn’t as hard as it initially sounds.

If you guys are interested, I’ll post more as the stuff comes up and at least post more info, just testing the waters right now. The game is being developed as something dead serious though: I’m aiming for something truly tournament worthy when the dust settles.

Note: This is NOT a mugen game. The game is closed source fighting game using elecbyte’s engine as it’s core. Content herein will not be usable in general mugen, and you will not be able to splice your characters into this game.

This is a fan made fighting game along the lines that Melty Blood is to it’s original H" game counterpart. I claim no ownership over capcom characters or their sprites, only my own coding to program the game and my own characters included herein.

How are you going about fixing pushback? Mugen’s internal pushback is pretty messed up (particularly when corners are involved).

Best bet seems to be incorporating in-built velocities with proper vel degreding for both affected parties (easy to figure out how far someone should go really by frame setpping and watching the position in artmoney). It’ll result in fatter attack states moste likely, but the final result should definitely pay off in the end.

Main focus atm is to get the returning cast mobile, then take care of non-histate-involving things for a few of them so some foundation is there.

Btw did you ever figure out more of those dip switches in DS Collection? Been meaning to ask you about those.

Best of luck to you.

But if this actually gets to regional tournies and what not, do you think Capcom will have something to say?

I’m hoping for the best for it not to, and the gameplay system is variant enough (I’ll go into greater detail on that later) and capcom doesn’t seem to be planning too much more with them at this point.

I guess in a nutshell I’m more confident they won’t get ticked unless I sell the game, which is something I sure as heck won’t be doing.

Sorry to sound clueless, but what exactly are you doing?

He’s taking Capcom character art without permission and making a game using MUGEN.

Capcom has a decent track-record of allowing people to use their sprites for non-commercial puposes. They tend to look the other way. If this were ever popular, though, you could expect an angry law-filled email within days.

Now, my question is, why would people play this when they HAVE the Darkstalkers games and nobody plays them at tourneys? Besides the fact that MUGEN has a giant stigma.

No, I haven’t done any research on those in a while. But I suppose I could do some more soon.

Working on making sure there won’t be any legal complications with them over this actually. I’d rather do what I love doing and still keep my ass covered.:sweat:

Because it won’t be a straight replica of Vampire Savior like capcom’s fed people over the past few years? The gameplay is a modification of Savior’s, and several characters in the cast will be new. I said too I was aiming for a game that was tournament worthy, something that could be worth playing in tournaments. Whether or not that happens is another matter entirely.

As for Mugen’s stigma, that isn’t going to apply here. Mugen in terms of the open engine is basically a mashup: things are only partially accurate or not at all, and you’ll play hell keeping the systems balanced. Not to mention you can’t do dead absolute accuracy for content in it: the systems wouldn’t mess and it requires heavy modifying to the core system files.

This isn’t global mugen though. Uses the engine, but the core is retooled to behave like the games and not mugen’s usual handling, with is made a lot easier thanks to frame stepping with kawaks and extensive checking of the memory values with artmoney for velocities and so on.

If I wanted to make something under the usual “Mugen stigma”, I’d just slap crap together and call it a compilation. I’m sure as hell not doing that here.

Capcom knows about GGPO and doesn’t seem to have any problem with it, so.

Fair 'nuff. Hope that goes well for you.

Just because you’ve closed down your copy of MUGEN (like others have done in the past) and made your own game rules and basically made MUGEN into a stand-alone app for your very specific game, there is still the stigma. Most of the people on this board will shit on it for that reason alone. Good luck to you, though, still.

I see a very clear difference between taking a Capcom game and putting it online for more people to enjoy and making a game using their IP. =)

Hopefully capcom doesn’t care, though, since there’s no money involved.

Sounds cool to me. Hope to see some shots of it soon.

I really look forward to seeing this project! Vampire Savior is one of those licenses I wish Capcom would do something with very shortly…

So this will be handy to tide me over until the 8th of Never.

Well I’m looking forward to it…I just hope Anakaris is great and still fun to play!!!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Anakaris won’t be in. Nor Talbain, Morrigan, Q-Bee, Jedah, Rikuo, Sasquatch, Donovan or playable Demitri. They’re out for storyline purposes or just not involved in the whole event.

There are five new characters in the roster, however, one being hidden.

Working on it. You can expect the sprites to be improved (aiming for 32 colors per character now, details like Felicia’s ears and Victor not being mirrored when he faces the other direction are being addressed). Still focusing mainly on getting the gameplay down and accurate to a T to what everyone’s used to before I start dishing out shots.

Reopened. Good luck with your project.
If it gets spammed up, it’s closed though.

Well, good luck lookin forward too it :slight_smile:


None of the characters i play are playable? Well that already killed me playing this game

Well two things to consider (besides me wondering what was up with the neg rep in my last post here). First, a majority of those guys aren’t in not because of the lack of ability to work them as playable, but because that’s another 1200 or so sprites per character to upgrade, and the cast is pretty large as is. So if everyone was included and playable, that’d mean a ton more work all at once and the game taking a lot longer before you ever saw it.

Of course the other point being, there’s nothing stopping characters from being added once the base game is done and the update cycle starts, is there? :wink: It’s a PC game, not bound to the same rules as console games. You will get updates, and new stuff with updates. I just want the core game done before I tackle everyone else.

Now something to bring up though but the reason Demitri’s in and not playable is I’m trying to avoid the clone issue between him and Dee somewhat without having to complete edit almost all of Dee’s basics to be new attacks. Along those lines it’s the only reason you won’t see Donovan: the two characters share the same specials, and one would hurt the effectiveness of the other. Morrigan and Lilith a little bit in the same boat with each other. At least how I’m seeing it. What do you guys think?