As promised, here’s my rendition of Darkstalkers. Let me know what you think;


Here’s the full size image;


lobster claw too good.

Wow, you really nailed Sasquatch. Overall great job.

does he really have a lobster claw? lol

Overall I would play with the lighting and stuff to seperate the characters a little since they’re kinda bunched up right now.
They look great by themselves though. great work.

Man this is choice!

One of his mves does morph his fin into a claw.

You have a really interesting style. I really dig how everything has no Outlines only gradients.

Nice Work!

Thanks for the comments guys. I’m glad people are enjoying my “new” style. You make all the hard work worthwhile.

This’s really nice man.

Great work. I wish i could colour without the comfort of thick lines.

…Great pic. Loves the colors…

nice use of colour to build mass, detail is good too (esp like Morrigan licking her lips) but everything seems clumped together… perhaps it’s because all the colours are equally saturated?

looking forward to your next one :slight_smile: