Underrated comic? Or UNDERRATED COMIC?

I’ve been told that it was a waste of my time, but I feel like giving a big FU to everyone who said that. Too bad there are only 6 chapters, and no way is Udon finishing it up. Art is awesome (expected) story doesn’t stray from game canon, and it doesn’t disappoint either. Also, Morrigan <3

yah newbie!!! and yes, darkstalkers is a tight mag 2 own, but the street fighter franchise gots a hold on the mag world, so im kind of on the sf side of the tracks. and BEWARE, YOUR THREAD WILL BE INFECTED WITH PREDATORS!!!


It was definitely overlooked
Unfornately, I listened to those people too and regret it
Never even got to see half of them in action

At least BB Hood appeared in the mini parts

I’m missing the last two issues.

Why is Darkstalkers always overshadowed by SF?:sad:

Well, for one thing, SF is a bigger franchise than DS. Oh yeah, remember the craptacular DIC Darkstalkers cartoon?

The DS OVA was well done (IMO). I only own 1 issue of the comic but I thought it was great. DS just in general seems to get no love, in the U.S. anyway.