Darksydephil Is A Scrub Video Part 2

I’m not sure if anyone has posted this but here it is.

Man would I love to play this guy.

I’m just curious; how did DSP do at EVO? If anyone has any info that would be great. The link to the vid is below.


You’re kidding right? DSP didn’t attend EVO this year.

You bored or something kid?:coffee:

You better be better than DSP.

LOL!!! I like DSP’s vids and I’ve seen him play in tournaments so I kinda agree with the online play crap, but man that vid was fuckin hilarious!!

I’m not sure either you or the guy who made the video knows exactly who DSP is. I’d also love to see you play the guy. It would be amusing.

I know who Dr. B is though; the mad sexy doc that ain’t never done nothin’ to mock.

Im pretty sure I can beat DSP in SF4. And yes I know who he is. He is a great ST player, but honestly in SF4 he is not too good.

:rofl: :rofl:
you’re bashing the king of hate man :rofl:
be careful

I would love to see your tourney results, fine sir.
I would also care to take this moment to say that you are a scholar and a gentleman.

He does suck at SF4.

that video rules :rofl:

2:10+ is absolutely hilarious! You’re getting beat off some lame ass flow-chart Ken who jumps around the whole match and runs away with a 30 second time limit, he messes up his hit confirm>ultra, giving you all the time in the world to do yours, you sadly do it far too early, causing it to go flying past him before he’s even landed only to get DP’ed in the ass and lose.


I always laugh when I watch DSP videos.

Funny ass video, but random scrubs hating on DSP is getting old.

That video is funny as hell. I love how he laughs whenever his opponents catches him in a combo. Like hes so good that they got lucky. Fucking scrub. :lol:

Always hilarious :rofl:

DSP has every right to bitch because he IS losing to scrubs online.

<3 DSP

Video made me laugh at least.

I get the feeling hes been sleeping on SF4 a tad, constantly switching characters and spending his time online (far as I know, I don’t hear alot about him in an arcade setting). He holds his own though, and drives more tournament competitors into the ground than most, likely more than the video maker and all of his haters. If he put some ST dedication into the game, watch out.

People think he’s only known for his videos, and comment that he can’t compete at the top. He has before and probably will again.

He didn’t go to EVO because he would’ve gotten his ass handed to him in Street Fighter, and IRL for being the complete typical online dick that he is. That and he probably had a heart failiure.

I can see how, in some cases, scrubbish and wholly unpredictable playstyles can be even more dangerous than that of a seasoned pro. They’re too erratic, and can often take you by surprise. Not saying it’s a viable playstyle, as its success certainly will not last forever.

I did, however, notice that during those matches DSP did make a lot of dumb, albeit scrubbish mistakes, like jumping in for no reason and fucking up on execution. He didn’t really seem to make much of an effort to adapt to the scrubby tactics, either. I think he may possibly need to pick up a new stick, or mod his EX2 if he hasn’t already.