Darktemplarz release UMK3: Shattered! Combo Vid

The 9th installment of UMK3 goodness from the Darktemplarz has arrived. ded_ Shock and DreemerNJ present to you “UMK3: Shattered” in what is possibly the most ridiculous video we’ve ever done. It is 9 minutes with new infinites, 100%s, big damage, and eye candy combos. Over 60 combos total.

Make the xx into tt:


Or watch the top video in the list:


Shock, ded_, DreemerNJ

link is broken!


Copying and pasting the link into a new browser window is the key part of the original statement.

Did you read this?

Just finished watching it now, allways look forward to watching an UMK3 vid by the dark templarz guys, really awesome vid, enjoyed it alot, and the Shang Tsung combos were extra good, also liked the music, great job!

Daaaaaaayuuuum!!! :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:

Classic material! This is one for the hall of fame!

Seeing this makes me want UMK3 to come out for XBL even more. The quicker they finish it, the better.

Excellent work.

I would have liked it more if UMK3 didn’t suck so much :wink: :wink:

I thought the 8th was the last vid? LoL

:rofl: great vid, Kung Lao vs. Motaro :rofl: :clap:

Yeah I kind of thought that as well, but then Shock and ded_ started finding even more ridiculous stuff and boom, #9 gets done.

This video was nice. I liked the last one (which I thought was the final one) better.

I thought it was the final one too.

Dope vid! These MK videos:rock:

That Shang / Nightwolf Hatchet combo was fucking sick! Great stuff!

Shang Tsung morph combos automatically get mad props.

24 HITS?!?! LMAO how long is a Brutality w/ auto-repeat?! :rofl:

This is some ass broken…shattered-ass shit :rofl:

I think some of the really hard combos tend to get over looked because they don’t seem like it. The hardest one overall was the Sindel combo at the end, because it breaks the hit limit twice before the scream, on top of the unblockable grounded bleeding JK, allowing another two more juggle HPs. I really wanted a midscreen Sindel 100%. The Reptile infinites, especially the ones with pauses between the punches are very hard as well, but now they are routine for ded_ and he gets the mid screen infs in gameplay against the male ninjas all the time. Overall I think this will go down as our best video.

Actually, I was kinda wondering why she wasn’t in the vid until the very end, since just about everyone else was shown, ignoring Johnny Cage/Baraka/Rain. Now I know thanks to your description. Vid is even more sick with that in mind. :tup:

Great video, the Shang Tsung combos were especially impressive.

Spirit Never Dies FTW.