Daroms dead?

It’s obviously on the fritz because it keeps giving me a full server message. Once or twice I was able to log in, but it’s the same story all over again today.

I played on GW instead and I sure as hell didn’t miss the ghosting and desynching, which both happened in my first game. :wasted:

At least there’s PlanetSkill and West Wonderland to play A3 with no one. :sad:

someone is hacking it.


If you play a2, you might wanna try GGPO (http://ggpo.net)
Haven’t been on for a few days but the lag is less than kaillera if you have a good internet connection and a good computer and play with people close to where you live. On top of that, there is literally no input delay.

I have played some very good GGPO games the other day, that sounds like a good idea (If it’ll work for me today).

is alpha 2 the only one available on ggpo for now?

It’s up and running again. Part of the reason it stayed attacked as long as it did was the server admin was on vacation.

For now… Though I’ve heard a rumor that A3 is going to be the next game to be compatible with GGPO.