Dart shot's hit animation.. when to super?

So yeah, I’m picking 3S back up again. And I used to love Dudley, but gave him up because I found it too difficult to dart shot to super on a pad (which I still use, please abstain from flame). But I’m going to give it another shot (pun about 30% intended).

I know about the drumming idea, and will see what I can do with that on pad. But my main question is about using either the animation of the landed dart shot or the sounds it makes to find that little window. I try to pick it up from videos but it happens so fast it’s hard to decipher where that button press is happening.

Anyone able to break it down? I know when they get hit their neck snaps back. Isn’t the link window somewhere around there? As it’s snapping? As it’s un-snapping? Also I know some people do timing stuff using sound cues.

I guess my general question is: can anyone describe exactly when and where the short window to get the super out is? If I can dart shot to super even 50% of the time, it’s Dudley and Ibuki fo life. But this 0-5% isn’t cuttin it, and my Ibuki needs a boyfriend. Thanks in advance for any help!

PS. Yes, I know they have to be crouching :slight_smile:

You want to have the motion done by the time he’s picking his head back up. So that means go really really really really really really fast.

yes right at the point where the opponents head goes from snapped back to facing you animation, is where you should be looking for.

i know you are a pad player, but you should really pick up stick. it is soooooooo much easier just drumming, then looking for an animation.

or you could just drum two buttons on pad, lol. square and L1, perhaps.

Actually I started doing that, and last ngiht I got it to work more times than ever before. 6 in a row at one point, I was shocked. One thing that helped, tell me if I’m wrong here… I didn’t even START the motion until he was pulling up his fist. Then I hit triangle and R1 right as the animation ended. Sound about right or nah?

it’s because you’re a beast.

The way I see it, most of the characters recoil backwards a bit, and that’s the confirm I look for, then I do the qcf motions and it’s kind of random whether I look at dudley or the opponent to gauge when to do it. Maybe it depends on the character, I’ve never thought about it. I usually drum the buttons after I see their first frame of movement towards facing forward… that or I drum the buttons as soon as Dudley’s fist is up. Not sure if that really helps… Try looking at both Dudley and/or the opponent and seeing which one is easier for you to get the timing with.

i drum as soon as i hit dart shot. 100% success rate! (not really)

they should be pulling their head back from the recoil when your super hits.

i had trouble with this too, but then i got it down. the animation you would be looking for on your opponent would be when they recoil from the damage. there’s the initial push of the attack, but then you have the point where they start coming back. the opponent’s (at least a shoto from my experience) still has their head back, or has their head about 1/3rd of the way turned from away from you to your direction

the way i get the timing down is i sit and wait to see if the move hits. the timing when you must initiate the super is strict, but the time it takes to go from the hit to starting the super motion is much longer than you’d expect.

What’s a dart shot?

F+HK, his overhead punch.