Darth Vader robs a bank


so they decided to send Darth out to withdraw from the bank.

I did a quick search on ‘Darth Vader bank’ and was surprised when nothing showed up.


i came in thinking this would be triforce related


This nigga got away after robbing a bank at gunpoint on a bicycle dressed as Darth fucking Vader… apparently the police is feeling the force grip of the recession too imo…


Weird I didn’t see this in the local news, though a robbery in Long Island is pretty funny.

Edit: Bulldancer LI cops aren’t used to enforcing the law beyond issuing warnings to 17 year old’s who make right turns on red when they aren’t supposed to:rofl:


That shit would be so surreal I’d just hand him the cash like “Ok Mr Skywalker will that be all for you today?”


Motorbikes are gay. He should have gotten away on a Skateboard.


Thankfully, it’s MUCH more epic than that.

Vader…with a gun. At least he’s creative! Still ain’t got nothing on the flower-man.


Here’s a video of it in the news.


I wish the video of it happening in progress was floating around. Seriously I’d be just like them if this happened to me.

Darth: breathing hard Give me the cash…
Me behind teller window: :wtf: You can’t be serious…
Darth: You will pay for your lack of vision. brandishes gun
Me: Wow…this is really happening? I’m about to get robbed by the dark lord? No seriously where are the camera’s at?


Darth needs a money for a new Death Star.