Daruka Tenshi - The Fallen Angels

So, I know this game was mentioned in the obscure games thread, and it’s kinda out there… anyone with MAME should really check it out. I was wondering if there were any heads out there who could enlighten me with some advanced strats or general overview of the system and characters would be great!

i just started to play this game today
it seems pretty good
most of the motions are standard qcf,and dp shit as well as charge

same thing with the supers

the combo system is just simple chains of lk to hk to fp into super cancel type shit

but none the less this game is fun

It’s true that game is pretty fun, I use to play it somewhat a good amount in the past but I don’t mind playing it again. Harry is too good though, he has probably the most damaging non super combo in the game.

I’m a really big fan of Roche. I also really like how, witht he exception of supers, there are no real projectile moves… makes for a nice change from SF, while still keeping it 2D.

Aparently a lot of characters can change stances… so far I’ve found Roche can only do one normal move from his secondary stance, but it’s got pretty nice damage, and nice priority.

One thing no one ever mentions when they talk about game mechanic’s is the air-recovery (A3 style).

PP while in the air and you’ll recover.

Awesome, that’s good to know.

bump for more players!

Started playing it a few days ago (but not much), some pretty cool character designs, and I’m liking Harry, I mean…the guy has a rocket launcher for a hand…can someone gimme some starts for him plz?

I played this game for about 2 months back in the day and couldn’t find any competition worth a damn so I gave it up.

^that totally sucks, cuz the game has potential, though it could’ve gone with a damn Hit coutner…

WP,HP, 623+P with all 6 rockets available hurts like a bastard


S: Torao ( too good - has a parry, instant damaging chains, his escape dash attacks combo, easy damaging desp. moves one of which guard crushes - kind of like a better Gato from KOF XI )
A: Harry Ness, Roche ( both have VERY damaging bnbs with or without meter )
B: Haiji Mibu, Yuiren, Yuiran, Taro ( Haiji has good ass chains and super armor move backed rushdown, but he has problems with Harry, Torao and Rossi - Yuiren and Yuiran have a cancellable parry but that’s all they can rely on to chain to combos - Yuiran seems to be a much better character because her multitude of throw setups means she doesn’t have to rely on hit confirms - Taro has really good tick damage but he’s a big target )
C: Cool ( not very good…relies on throwing slow Black Darts on wakeup and only one good bnb … charge characters just don’t work very well in this kind of system methinks )